The Flying Hovercraft


I’ve always been fascinated with hovercrafts, I don’t really know why?  Maybe because a hovercraft is a boat that flies/glides over water and land, and who doesn’t like a flying boat?  A normal hovercraft is cool but the “Flying Hovercraft”, shown here, not only glides over water and land; it actually takes flight like a plane.

The Flying Hovercraft does everything a regular hovercraft can do but it can also fly up to 50 feet above ground and reach speeds of up to 50 miles per hour.  The flying hovercraft takes flight with the help of two lightweight integrated wings and is powered by a fuel-injected turbocharged twin-cylinder engine that produces 130 horsepower.  The flying boat can carry a payload of up to 600 pounds and has a range of 160 miles.

The flying hovercraft can be registered as a boat; I’m not sure if you’re allowed to fly it like a plane and whether you need a pilot’s license.  You can enjoy the water and take flight in style with the Flying Hovercraft; all you need is $190,000 and a couple of licenses depending on where you live.

flying hovercraft


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