The EGO – Compact Semi Submarine By Raonhaje

Cool fishbowl sumbarine by Raonhaje EGO

Cool fishbowl sumbarine by Raonhaje EGO

Thanks to a Korean company, Raonhaje, discovering creatures of the sea can now be done in a very unique way. And best of all, you can do it all by yourself thanks to the easy to operate ‘EGO – Compact Semi Submarine’.

The central two-seater fishbowl cabin hangs down from two floating upper hulls with access to the cabin provided via a trapdoor and stairs.  The EGO can be driven just like a car ,with a foot pedal for throttle rather than a traditional hand lever like boats. The EGO has a top speed of 4 knots and is driven by an electric motor that can hold a charge between six and ten hours.

The glass on the EGO is made out of a special acrylic that can be found at many of the aquariums, which enables it to withstand water pressure yet still allow light to be transmitted for visibility. The cabin of the EGO also features a steering wheel, monitoring LCD system, VHF marine two-way radio, battery monitoring system, digital depth gauge, clock, and a compass. The EGO Semi Submarine is available in seven colors including pink, French rose, and lime.


[Source: Raonhaje]


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