Pimped Out BMW X6 – Luma Design CLR X650 M


When BMW first introduced the X6, it was supposed to be a vehicle that was the best of both worlds, good off-road capabilities and great on road handling.  Unfortunately, it was useless for going off road (as proven by the hooligans at Top Gear) and wasn’t much better on the road as a sporty SUV.  Luma Design, on the other hand, created what BMW had hoped for the X6.  Luma Design has created an X6 M that is really fun to drive and handles great (only on the road).

Luma Design took a standard BMW X6 M and tuned it to the max.  The newly tuned engine, a 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8, produces 670 horsepower (standard X6 M produces “only” 555 hp) and 627 pound feet of torque.  With the added power, the BMW CLR X650 M can reach a top speed of 194 miles per hour (312 km/h).

The exterior is upgraded with an aggressive (and appropriate) body kit that features massive air inlets in the front bumper, with vertically mounted LED day time running lights.  The hood is made out of carbon fiber and Kevlar for increased strength and light weight.  The body kit flows into the side of the X6 with wide fender flares and air inlets in front of the rear wheels.  In the back there are big air ducts on each side of the chrome-tipped quad exhausts and a small diffuser between the exhaust tips.

The CLR X650 M sits on huge 20 inch RACING IV light weight rims and has a lowered suspension for sporty driving.

The interior has also been “pimped” with aluminum pedals and touches of carbon fiber everywhere.  The BMW CLR X650 M has upgraded leather upholstery with stitched diamond patterns and inlaid colored stitches.

Luma Design BMW CLR X650 M Front

Luma Design BMW CLR X650 M Front Side

Luma Design BMW CLR X650 M Side

Luma Design BMW CLR X650 M Rear

Luma Design BMW CLR X650 Magazine Car

Luma Design BMW CLR X650 M Front Interior

Luma Design BMW CLR X650 M Rear Interior



    • says

      Link is provided in the article, click it and they should have a contact us button. They’ll tell you how much it’ll cost with all the options you would like.

  1. Trevor says

    Jesus showed me this picture for a reason, the ony beamer i love and it couldnt get ay better then this, if only i was rich

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