Mrs. Doubtfire – Recut as a Creepy Horror Movie


It’s amazing what a person can do with a bit of creativity, some editing software, and the desire to take a wholesome, family friendly film and transforms it into something twisted and amazing. Remember Mrs. Doubtfire? Yeah, this is so much better.

Created by the very talented Peter Javidpour, Mrs. Doubtfire Recut highlights an amazing horror flick buried deep within the celluloid of the original film. If you found the original movie as mind numbingly boring as I did, do yourself a favor and watch this trailer. It’s rare that an internet video had me actually laughing out loud.

Mrs. Doubtfire (Recut)

What really nailed it for me was just how serious the film becomes with a little bit of creative scene changes and foreboding music. It’s a stark and completely hilarious contrast to the original, which most of you have undoubtedly seen, either in full, or in part while someone’s kids were watching it. Where the original was hopeful and heartwarming, this one paints Daniel Hillard as a sick and twisted monster, sneaking into his former home for all manner of nefarious reasons. Creepy!

Given how many re-makes we’ve seen over the last few years, why don’t studios instead try re-making films under a different genre than the original? Not in the horrific manner of parody like, say… Disaster Movie or Dance Flick, but something actually, you know… awesome. They could bring something new to the table, or at least re-purpose the films for a different audience. I would love to see Ferriss Club brought to the big screen as a feature length film, as an example.

If you’re looking for more of Peter Javidpour’s work, unfortunately you’re (mostly) shit out of luck. He hasn’t done much since he first created Mrs. Doubtfire (Recut) about a year ago, however, it seems he’s recently fired up a new blog. Perhaps we can all pester him to come up with some new video recuts.


  1. says

    This is simply awesome!! I am surprised it hasn’t got more comments.

    Absolutely right… I am over studios shitty remake of movies. A different genre remake with a twist would be a new way of bringing audiences back to the movies… something with imagination. Movies these days lack imagination & I’m sick of being treated like a fool by studios with their crappy remakes.

    • Chad says

      Absolutely, and they’re done over and over again. Even movies that have already been rebooted get reboots.

      • says

        they keep doing it because it keeps working. Foreign markets and idiot americans keep going out to see the remakes and pointless sequels and not the indie stuff.

  2. Randompat says

    I continuous laughed while watching this. I remember when I was young I loved this movie and to see it turn into a creepy flick left me perplexed…and humorous. But seriously, Peter Javidpour did a good job on the recut.

  3. Drew says

    You know how much of a smug asshole you come across as when you said “ internet video that actually made me laugh”?

  4. mike says

    i liked the movie but this was actually pretty good. full props. and to all the stumblers…..stumble some more peeps. *peace*

  5. says

    Too hilarious! I thoroughly enjoyed this! Especially the end…”You remind me of someone…” and his eyes peek up. Too classic.

  6. Julie says

    LOL I would so watch this! I actually enjoyed Mrs. Doubtfire (I thought it was touching), but I would certainly NOT mind watching it as a horror movie. This recut was great!

  7. mrs. doubtfire says

    It still seems like the big budget Lifetime Original that it was; just one of the suspense ones instead of sappy child custody. Not to say that I didn’t laugh. A job well done, jarsoeo..? *javidpour, my mistake.

  8. jbarron94 says

    duuude this was sooo funny
    i loved this movie when i was a kid but this
    just freaked me out. I’m going to show my younger sister 😀

  9. Dick Richards says

    This recut was clearly the product of a Peter Javidpour watching the original on an absurdly bad acid trip.

  10. adamc90 says

    i love your idea of remaking previous movies into a different genre, that is so cool. mrs doubtfire would be so easy to remake too, replace the homosexual brother with some creepy plastic surgeon and have the main dude (danny i think) go under the knife instead, the rest is basically a done deal

  11. Sanjay says

    It has kind of the opposite effect on me. To me, the humor is that it underscores how utterly formulaic and predictable horror movie trailers are.

  12. Kori ann says

    That was the coolest re cut I have ever seen in my my favorite movie..that was awesome..great job!!! Very cool!!

  13. slappy says

    Seariously, i was crying of laughter. Held my tummy and it started to hurt because i was laughing so hard. This is what made my day!

  14. Jason says

    but but but the graphics are better so remakes are justified!

    all joking aside I agree w the original premise a remake under a different genre would be cool. Tim Burton has gone this route with his remakes of the childrens movies. I wasnt a fan of those remakes but I could still see it working with different movies

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