Mini Clubman Concept with 6 Doors!!


Early in the 21st century, when the new Mini (owned by BMW) came into the market, it was an instant success; BMW took advantage of the success of the little British car and started producing a whole lineup of cars, including CUV’s, coupes, convertibles, and wagons.  Now there is a new version of the Mini, the Clubman Concept.

The Mini Clubman is not exactly a new model, it has been around for a while, but now it has more doors, 6 to be exact.  The old Clubman had 5 doors; two regular front doors, one half door on the passenger side, and a pair of doors at the back.  The new Clubman Concept has 4 real doors and a pair at the back.


Although this Clubman is called a concept, to be shown at the Geneva Motor Show, it’ll most likely replace the current generation Clubman.  It’s more practical with 4 real doors instead of the 2+1 format on the current model.  The Mini Clubman Concept is also much bigger; it’s 10” longer and 6.5” wider than the current model, which should translate to a much roomier interior.

Design-wise, the Mini Clubman Concept is unmistakably Mini and I quite like the way the car looks.  I think the current generation Clubman looks pretty awkward, the concept looks like a real car.  If/when this car makes it into a production model; there probably will be minor changes to the front and back.  I’m not really a big fan of the rear-end, those taillights look hideous and are way too big. Hopefully the design team at Mini changes them into something smaller or even the taillights from the 2015 Mini Cooper hatchback would look a lot better than these.  The interior is very simple and will definitely be different on the production version of this car, I’m expecting to look more like that of the 2015 Cooper hatchback.  Via: Mini

2015 Mini Clubman Interior

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