Jean-Francois Dugas Talks Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director Commentary


This is a new director commentary with Jean-Francois Dugas, the Game Director of Deus Ex: Human Revolution team.

Throughout the video an interviewer from IGN asks him questions about what’s going on, and Jean-Francois answers. Though most of the information is well-known, I still found it interesting to see such a large stretch of game-play in a new area. Dugas plays through the Tai Yong Medical Centre in Heng Sha as he tries to infiltrate the data core, and he does this in a number of ways… you’ll see.

Directory Commentary with Jean-Francois Dugas

Now, I really enjoyed seeing the use of both stealth and force gameplay options, and in the latter category, we even get to see a few lethal and non-lethal mêlée take-downs, as well as my favorite bit – punching through walls. We also get to see the revolver fire explosive rounds, which is one of the upgrades that you can buy. Lastly, I find the use of hardwood floors in the medical centre fascinating. I don’t think of wood as being particularly high-tech, but the artists liberal use of the material seems to work quite well.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution arrives August 23rd for PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

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