Flat Black Victory Motorcycles High-Ball



If you like to ride American cruisers but think Harley Davidson motorcycles are a bit too mainstream then the Victory Motorcycles High-Ball might be the bike for you.  Unveiled at the Progressive Motorcycle Show in New York, the High-Ball is sex on two wheels.  Its painted in flat black, from head to toes, with contrasting white paint on the fuel tank and it comes with retro-cool white-walled tires.

The Victory High-Ball comes with a 106/6 stage 2 V-twin engine that produces 97 horsepower and 113 pound-feet of torque.  The bike comes with ape hangers, which Victory says are adjustable and can be folded down for those that prefer comfort over looking like an ape riding a motorcycle ;).  Victory Motorcycles High-Ball has a starting price of $13,499.


[Source: Dealer News]


  1. Mick Hannaford says

    Looking at purchasing the victory high ball and live in mission beach 4852 qld.
    Can you send me the contact for the nearest dealership

    Kind regards

    Mick hannaford

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