Fast and Easy Modifications for your Off Road Vehicle

Mercedes 6x6 truck

Just yesterday, I wrote about a few easy ways to improve your motorcycle and today I’m going to be talking about ways to make your truck or off-roading vehicle better without emptying out the bank account. Whether you want to install sand rail mounting tabs on your dune buggy or put a lift kit on your Land Rover Defender, there are modification options for all budgets whether it’s performance related or simply aesthetics.

We’re all unique so shouldn’t our vehicles be too? People spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to make their vehicle stand out. So I’m compiling a quick list of some modifications which are quick and easy as well as making the vehicle a head turner.

Ford F-350 Lift Kit

Lift Kit For Your Ride

Getting a lift kit may sound like an expensive thing but there are lots of affordable options out there. It gets on the expensive side when you start to replace a lot of suspension components along with the the wheels and tires. That’s a different story. If you enjoy going off road, this will definitely be one of your first modifications.

Low Rider

Believe it or not, people love to take their 4×4 vehicle and slam it to the ground. It all depends on what you like and a low rider truck is pretty sweet in my opinion even if it does defeat the purpose of what the vehicle was built for. Lifter or lowered, both are cool modifications.

Japanese chrome truck

Chromed Out Ride

You can never have too much chrome according to some folks. I would disagree with that but installing chrome accessories in the right amount can really make your vehicle stand out in the crowd. Things such as chrome running boards, bumpers, grill guards, bed rails, and a few trim pieces will go a long way in increasing the sex appeal of your ride.

Tonneau Covers

If you have a truck, a cover will give your vehicle a sleeker look and it would really compliment the low rider look. An additional benefit is that the bed can now act as a covered trunk and you now have a dry cargo area in the bed of your truck.

Original Toyota FJ Cruiser

Rugged Look

Okay, a lot of your truck owners don’t really use the vehicle for its intended purpose but you still gotta have that rugged look. I would suggest installing some brush guards, grill covers, and winches. Who knows, maybe they’ll come in handy one day?

Another step in adding that rugged look to your vehicle is by installing fog lights on either the front bumper or perhaps on a roll bar over rear section of the cab. When I was younger and living in the USA, seeing an off-road vehicle with a million fog lights and KC covers on them was a very common sight. These fog lights can be housed in chrome or fancy covers but most importantly, they are very functional and will help you with visibility in poor weather conditions. You can easily light up an entire football stadium with some of the installations I have seen out there.

Exhaust System Upgrades

Well, you’ve come this far so why not one more upgrade. An after market exhaust will improve the appearance of the vehicle, make the vehicle sound nicer, and increase the performance.

You shouldn’t get modifications for the sole purpose of being unique but because you want to.  Let your vehicle speak to you. Let the vehicle represent who you are. Now if  you excuse me, I have to go and watch Stacey David’s Gearz.

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