Charlie Brooker’s 2012 Wipe – The Olympics, Presidential Race, and Beyond

It’s been an interesting year here on planet earth, with the Olympics having taken place in the rainy wasteland known as Great Britain, and the massive, monstrously expensive presidential race in the United States. Through good times and bad, Charlie Brooker – my favorite journalist of all time – covers every angle, but mostly the bad ones; he’s just so damn good at it! 

He calls it Charlie Brooker’s 2012 Wipe, and if you’re a long time Unfinished Man reader, then you know that it’s his yearly tradition. Almost a full hour of mockery and sour faces, and hilariously enough, you’ll probably learn a thing or two as well.

Charlie Brooker Talks 2012

When I said you would probably learn a thing or two, I meant it. I mean, discovering that the Titanic was a real, actual ship must have been a mind-exploding experience for you… I know it was for me. It’s not at all surprising that news agencies compared last years sunken cruise ship to James Cameron’s movie instead of, you know… the actual event. And that brings me to the crux of this post. You see, though I posted this because I have a massive hard-on for Charlie and his work, what I really want to highlight is just how terrible mainstream media has become.  The supreme idiocy and lack of fact checking in the media seems to have hit an all time high. I’ve long since given up on “the news”, and instead learn about current events through shows like The Daily Show. How sad is that? A comedy show being more honest and insightful than the actual news. But I digress…

If this is the first time you’ve seen Charlie’s work, then I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. If you have some time, I highly recommend having a look at some of his articles on The Guardian. He shoots from the hip, and his words never fail to both inform me, and leave me laughing my ass off at the seemingly limitless levels of human stupidity.

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