CasAnus – The Belgium “Digestive Track” Hotel


Like most males growing up during the rise of the digital age, I watched more than my fair share of steamy videos. Instead of looking at disgusting magazines I found in recycling bins… magazines with pages stuck together from the previous owners having spilled glue on them… I could watch the action in motion instead! Nothing was hidden from me, nothing. I saw it all, and yes, that includes lots and lots of butts, and the their waste disposal gates too. 

Flash forward to today, and the butts of yesteryear were but a distant memory. That is, until I found out about CasAnus – a real life, actual… place you can stay, that’s designed to look like the human digestive track, complete with anus. Even better? It’s located in a beautiful spot in Belgium, on a tiny island between Antwerp and Ghent in Flanders. Don’t believe me? See for yourself.

Welcome to CasAnus Hotel

woman in casanus hotel

Seeing the colon up close reminds me of another part of the male anatomy. I mean, this sure does look like a veiny number, doesn’t it? Instead of sleeping inside a colon, you can pretend you’re sleeping inside of… a sausage.

casanus hotel belgium

This looks a whole lot better, and even comfortable really, but the walls… the walls remind me of a person’s colon that’s been covered in say, milk… or paint. I’ve already seen enough of that in videos, I certainly don’t need to sleep there as well.

digestive track hotel

At the back of the hotel, left side, you see what looks a bit like a mushroom from here. That is, until you get a little bit closer and discover…

casanus exit area

The gentle wrinkles of the anus! Perhaps this is where they put the air vent for the hotel?

Further Information

Though this may be a hotel that resembles that very dark, and very special place, from the sounds of things, it’s a pretty relaxing place to take a vacation. Surrounded by nature and all manner of wild life, and at just $150 USD per night, well… at the very least you’ll complete your trip with one amazing, unbelievable anus related story to tell your friends.

[Photos byAnda Van Riet and tonBouton]

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