BioBot BB20 – Bacon Fat to Bio Diesel Fuel


My parents recently got back from a trip to Saudi Arabia and one of the first things we asked them besides the usual small talk was the prices of gasoline. As expected, I was told that the gas stations pretty much give it away for free. The prices are high in North America but the poor folks in Europe have it even worse than us when it comes to fuel costs. When the prices really skyrocket, the local news agencies tend to shed light on a few individuals around the city that produce their own biodiesel for personal use. Of course everybody starts to think about making the switch but soon lose interest when they find out the type of processes that are involved and sourcing the supplies.

Biodiesel refers to diesel fuel that is made out of vegetable oil or fat-based oil. The current trend is focused around hybrid and electric vehicles but those vehicles only account for a small number of car sales. If you happen to own a diesel vehicle and can manage to source yourself a decent amount of used oils, then the BioBot BB20 desktop oil waste processor might be something to look into. The bacon fat may not be good for your health but at least it can power your vehicle.

This BioBot BB20 can take your used kitchen oil and convert it into biodiesel within a few hours. Unlike the equipment I’ve seen on the news, the BioBot BB20 is compact and process 20 liters of bio diesel at a time which is more than enough. A few batches, and your gas tank in your vehicle will be full. The make the BioBot BB20 simple and affordable, there is no electric motor for mixing. Instead, a hand operated agitation mechanism is used to mix the chemicals and used kitchen oil. Because this processor is targeted for home use, the device is small enough to be placed on a work bench or table.

It’s probably best that you use this in your garage or the backyard. A few simple steps are involved in turning your kitchen oil into biodiesel. The process starts off with filling the BioBot BB20 with used oil, heating and agitating the oil, a titration test and adding methoxide, draining glycerin, and final wash. And there you have it, your used oil is now powering your vehicle.

The kit comes with almost everything you need to start making bio diesel but the additive chemicals are extra. Without the additives, the BioBot BB20 is priced at $775. If 20 liters at a time is not enough, you can get processors that can handle 75 and 150 liters at a time. Check out BioBot for more details. BioBot is a UK company and it makes sense considering diesel is quite common across the pond.

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