Dyson Airblow Umbrella Concept: Please Let This Get Made


We’ve done many umbrella reviews for you over the years, and found many awesome designs. The umbrella is just one of those things that we will always need- at least into the foreseeable future, when we’ll all be secreting some form of Rain-X coating thanks to our genetic modifications. But what if the future could be now, and what if it meant that we didn’t have to undergo a number of painful and disfiguring mutations in the quest to stay dry? French industrial design student Quentin Debaene has the answer: The Dyson Airblow Umbrella Concept.

It’s a super sexy spacey handle only umbrella and OH GOD I WANT ONE NOW WHY CAN’T THIS ALREADY EXIST?

Dyson Airblow Umbrella Concept – Because Fabric Is for Chumps

dyson airblow umbrella concept
Now, I have to reiterate. The Airblow Umbrella isn’t actually a thing yet: it’s just a concept by 22 year old Debaene, who is currently looking for a 6 month design internship after graduating. But this concept is a really clever, beautiful one, and it takes a very different look at how we approach the problem of staying dry in a downpour. The idea revolves around using Dyson technology to gently push air upwards around you in a dome shape, keeping rain from ever getting to you in the first place.

dyson airblow umbrella concept handle carrying bag

So, in the interest of having a silvery shaft full of Dyson powered goodness to blow rain away, I am pimping this design as hard as I possibly can. Plus, Quentin’s design sketches are stunning, so I’m including them here for you to enjoy.

dyson airblow umbrella concept

Here are the upsides I see to Debaene’s Airblow Umbrella design:

  • no more jostling others with a wide umbrella and eye-seeking tines
  • no more wet plastic mold smell when you don’t have space to leave your brolly open to dry out
  • no more puddles, dripping, or soaking your arms and legs when you open and close a wet umbrella
  • completely easy and comfortable to carry


And here are some slight downsides that I am probably sensationalizing in the interest of entertaining you:

  • you’ll drench everyone else by shifting your rain into their path, doubling the velocity and amount of rain they’re getting… suckers
  • if rain gets down the shaft I suppose it could short out and explode or electrocute you or melt to your hand or something
  • it could ‘inhale’ the end of your scarf and choke you to death
  • you can no longer hide behind your umbrella from the terrors of the city, or use it to shield embarrassing moments like when you have to pick something out of your teeth

dyson airblow umbrella concept
Imagine if you will, all of the other wonderful applications that we could use the Airblow Umbrella for. Too much work piled up on your desk? FWOOSH Not anymore! Something distasteful on your shoe? FWOOSH Let someone else step in that! Limp, lifeless hair that needs perking up? FWOOSH Fabulous blowout on the go, bitch! Bored with your buddies? FWOOSH Air powered push races with pretty much EVERYTHING! Beautiful woman in front of you in a skirt? Well…

What would you think about this radical new take on the umbrella? I want to know your opinions, especially if they involve even more wacky indirect ways to use the Airblow Umbrella. Let’s get Quentin a job, already: this kid’s going places.


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