World’s Coolest Go-Kart: GK2G by Beau Designs


The future is here! We present you the GK2G (Go Kart 2 Go), designed by Beau Reid of Beau Designs.  This is one of the coolest go-karts I’ve even seen, it’s so sexy, I would buy one in a heartbeat when/if it’s available.

The GK2G is designed to look like a Formula1 car and I believe they achieved that by the pure sexiness of the design (can you tell I really like this thing?).  The GK2G is an electric go-kart; it’s powered by lightweight lithium batteries and can reach a top speed of 60 miles per hour.

Like F1 cars, the GK2G was built with lightweight materials, the entire bodywork and chassis are made out of carbon fiber and the final result is a light weight go-kart that only weighs 65 pounds.  Another cool feature of the GK2G is that it can be folded up into a package measuring 30” x 30” x 15” for easily carrying it around in your car trunk.  The folding dimensions are achieved by removing the wheels and steering wheel and folding the chassis in half.


The thing I don’t understand is the presence of steering wheel mounted shifters, I thought electric vehicles had only one forward gear?  Maybe they’re there for something else or they’re purely aesthetic.  The other problem I see is the front and rear wing not lasting more than a few laps; if you’re familiar with go-karting, you’ll know there is a lot of bumping involved.




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13 comments on “World’s Coolest Go-Kart: GK2G by Beau Designs”

  1. Due to the fact that it go’s 60mph and is made fully out of carbon fibre it has the NO good selling point, But this maybe because i’ve allso got a go kart that go’s 75-80mph and probably + more and did’nt cost me as much as what this would so this is a stupid idea cause WHO’s the buyer’s appart from thick rich people with more money than sense, i mean if i could be asked i could probably build an F1 kit for my go kart but i aint cause im working on an XJR-9 Lm kit which is to be fair much better, F1 is great but not that great.

      • im not angry it’s just this “product” is stupid no one will want to buy this and it wont catch on it’s a gimick product one wich wont sell which is quite funny.


        1. Where would u take it cause it dos’nt apply to any race track tiers unless u owned your own track.

        2. Maintanence how would u maintain such a thing (would’nt matter unless u actually used it at all)

        3. spare parts = Tyres are’nt F.I.A go-karting tyres so u could only buy new tyres from the only company that makes the “f1 go-kart”

        4. It looks as tho it belongs at a play school like a peny a ride machine.

        Give me a whille and i’ll show u wat the coolest go-kart looks like no joke.

      • i´m building it just like lewis my cousin saw it and he told me he knows where he could find they part of the go kart


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