Why You Should Play Online Freecell Solitaire

Revisit memory lane (pun intended) with this classic card game.

A multitude of online games are now available at everyone’s disposal. These games range from simple adaptations of board games and the like, such as Scrabble and crossword puzzles, to computer-generated imagery (CGI). Nevertheless, online games are a fun way to break the monotony while working with a computer.

Solitaire is a classic card game adapted into an offline game and was soon enjoyed by online players. Its popular variations, the spider, pyramid, Tripeaks, the classic Klondike, and our favorite, Freecell, challenge one to think outside the box. It’s a good game to challenge oneself to do better each time (instead of a game with another person as an opponent).

We love Freecell among the five most popular variations simply because the four free cells allow us to ease the cards from the table way more easily. Child’s play, you think? Wait until you can’t get the last card to complete one of your decks and say it’s easy.

If you have enjoyed playing Freecell solitaire for real and as a Windows game, then surely you’ll enjoy playing it online. Here, we talk about why the online Freecell from Solitaire.org should be your game of choice to test your wits and strategy.

The rules are easy to understand.

There is no need to stress over-complicated rules. Freecell involves stacking the cards into sequences, with the four empty spaces serving as temporary holding areas. The deck layout involves the following:

  • The free cells.
  • The game space (with eight piles).
  • Four foundation areas in which to stack your decks.

Our online version lets the player begin with 500 points. Each move costs you a one-point deduction. The key here is to sort the cards by the house with the least number of actions. Pretty easy. Play to find out!

It encourages planning.

We love this game because it gets our mind gears working. If one move costs us a point deduction, then the player must plan the sequence of the cards’ movement from the tables to the free cells and eventually to the foundations ahead. This strategy is important, as when you get stuck, you’ll lose!

It develops the value of critical thinking and self-restraint.

Planning the moves in this game is not enough. One must employ critical thinking in all the planning made even before a single card moves. We like that we are forced to consider scenarios if we move a card to a specific location. So many possibilities!

In addition to developing critical thinking and self-restraint, this game also encourages decisiveness. A move cannot be too hasty, or it will affect the outcome. Good thing there’s also the undo button that gives you another chance (or chances, if you wish).

The sounds and effects are incredible.

Long before ASMR became widespread, we already knew many pleasant sounds other than music that made us feel good. Shuffling and dealing with real cards sound nice, and this online game’s sound effects do not disappoint! We particularly love the sound played while dealing with the cards, like a relaxing whoosh.

We also like the sounds played when a card is placed onto the foundation deck. The background music isn’t bad, either. It keeps you alert enough to focus on the game. Way to go; you got us hooked!

The interface is easy on the eyes.

We love the features you can click. The blue gradient effect looks fantastic, and the buttons are simple and unassuming. It won’t take you long enough to know what each page does.

The score and move displays look functional. The cards are shuffled in an orderly fashion.

You won’t have to worry if your stacks are uneven!

Victory is close.

Despite the intense planning needed for this game, the good news is one can win it. The chances of not solving the game are only around eight in a million. That means many opportunities to win, provided you don’t stop in the middle of the game.


Nothing much has changed since our favorite Solitaire game got upgraded. Yet, it’s undoubtedly twice as fun to play it online. Besides, it gives you mental exercise to keep your neurons in tip-top condition. It’s excellent for developing soft skills, too!

One can play Freecell solitaire on their website and read the guides to the game. Remember your past while playing this game, and try hard to win!




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