10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

Fashion trends come and go, and there is nothing wrong with chasing the trends. However, there are some essential items needed in every man’s wardrobe, no matter the changes in the fashion game.

We are talking about items that will always come in handy when planning an outfit, building a foundation for your style, and the things you should own. And if you do not, you should get them asap.

We have selected 10 items that will help you become that fashionable icon without making radical choices.

A Pale Blue Dress Shirt

Investing in a good quality blue shirt will result in a versatile wardrobe addition. You will easily dress up for an occasion with a blue shirt while still keeping a touch of that casual feel, which is lost in choosing a white and much more conservative shirt.

Also, by choosing a shirt with a cutaway color, you will have the freedom of wearing it with or without a tie.

Dark Denim Jeans

Versatile, comfortable, and always waiting for you. By getting dark denim jeans, you will get yourself a piece of clothing that can be worn with almost every possible top. You name something, and we are sure it will look amazing. Also, it is worth noticing that jeans are durable and do not require high maintenance – the perfect choice when deciding what to wear on the go.

White t-shirts

Get yourself a selection of quality white t-shirts, and we emphasize quality, therefore leave all those see-through ones on the shelves in the store. Just like dark denim jeans, a white t-shirt is an actual white canvas, literally. If dress shirts are not your go-to, wear a white t-shirt under the suit.

Bomber Jackets

Get yourself a bomber jacket in navy blue or black, and you will have something to toss on when the weather starts to bite a bit in those summer evenings. It fits with the casual look, paired with sneakers and sweats, but it will also look bomb (get it?) with leather shoes and dark jeans. The more you can wear it with, the more you need it.

Tailored Suit

Investing in a tailored suit will ensure that you look great at every formal event or for those special date nights with your significant other. Women tend to have many dresses for every occasion. However, as a man, you got lucky in this department, as having a perfectly tailored suit will work for you a lot of the time.

White Sneakers

They will fit with most casual outfits and will add that pop of brightness. Simple and aesthetically pleasing to look at, they will look great with jeans, shorts, and of course, joggers. Keep them clean, white shoes need a bit more maintenance, but they are worth it.

Stylish Phone Case

Just as it is important to have key clothes in your wardrobe, the same is with the accessories. Your phone is in your hands often, and the best option is to make your phone into an accessory. And the easiest way to do so is to choose a protective phone case with designer-quality prints. At Burga, you can find over 100 designs that will make your phone seem even more luxurious. A stylish phone case that can also provide heavy-duty protection is a must.

A Watch

A smartwatch, or a classical one, depends on your preferences and needs, but a good-looking watch will add that extra touch to every look, and therefore is one of those accessories that every man needs. Also, you no longer need to spend an unspeakable amount of money on a good-looking watch, so you should add it to your wardrobe asap!


Squinting is not a good look on anyone, and the sun shining right in your eyes, let’s be honest, is not comfortable. So, you need to go and grab those sunglasses for yourself. Get ones that fit your face shape, stick with classic color combinations, and you will have yourself an accessory fitting every clothing option you have.

A Cardholder

The world is entering into the no cash era and bringing all that spare change becomes less and less necessary. Get yourself a classical black leather cardholder. A slim design will not be ruing your jeans or jacket when you put it in your pocket. No more distortion and no more stretching out your clothes with that bulky wallet.




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