Why Workout Scrunchies Make A Great Gift Idea For Your Girlfriend

Are you still puzzled about what present to get her? Help her keep her locks away from her gorgeous face with a workout scrunchie!

It’s normal for men to get stumped on what to give our girlfriends, especially if we have already given them several gifts. Finding creative gifts that she’ll like can be challenging when you already have handed her flowers, chocolates, and jewelry (or maybe shoes and clothes too).

We do love the sight of our girlfriends putting their hair up in a ponytail, so why don’t we get her a scrunchie? It’s relatively inexpensive (unless you go for jewel-encrusted ones) yet thoughtful enough to earn you points from her. It’s particularly helpful if you get her a workout scrunchie, and she’s a gym rat; she’ll surely appreciate it.

Workout Scrunchie from hairstrong

For those who don’t know what a scrunchie is, it is a circular, fabric-covered elastic used to tie hair (think: rubber band threaded through a cloth tube). Scrunchies became popular in the 1980s and are making a comeback today due to the minor damage they give to hair compared with other hair ties.

Here’s why you should get her a Workout scrunchie:

It’s perfect for active women

If your girl is into sports and exercise, like Crossfit, she likely prefers to have her hair styled away from her face. Workout scrunchies keep hair tied securely, allowing her to complete her workout and not have a mop of sweaty hair after.

Wearing a workout scrunchie also makes for better performance during games and matches that she plays. Less fiddling with hair-better focus on the game.

If she’s into yoga and meditation, a workout scrunchie also helps her reach a calm state of mind by preventing hair from whipping around during asanas.

It’s less damaging to the hair and scalp

Scrunchies don’t tug the scalp that much because of the extra layer of fabric wrapped around the elastic. With silk ones, they lessen friction between the hair and the material, allowing hair to stay healthy compared with other hair types.

There’s also less tugging on the scalp than using a rubber band to make a high, tight ponytail or bun. Scrunchies help lessen the pressure on the scalp, as too much of it can cause migraine and even hair loss.

It’s cute and fashionable

The scrunchie might have suffered from mockery as an outdated accessory in the 2000s, but it is back in trend now. It’s a good thing since women now are more concerned about inflicting minor damage to their hair and scalp. Women have since acknowledged the scrunchie’s stylish quality. It’s an excellent way for your girl to feel more feminine with her outfit.

It’s inexpensive and comes in a wide variety of colors and textures

You can get a workout scrunchie for as low as $15.99 on Hairstrong, and there’s endless options to fit her preference. If she’s a girl with an active lifestyle, a workout scrunchie made from moisture-wicking fabric will get her hair through the most challenging routines without leaving a mark in her hair (and helps keep hair dry). For other days, a silk one can complement her hair without tugging a lot.

You can also get personalized ones with beads, charms, and other accessories to truly make your gift fitting to her style and personality.

All in all, scrunchies are a great way to keep your girl’s hair away from her face without doing a lot of damage to her hair and scalp. It’sIt’s also a fun, chic accessory that will keep her in the loop. Whether she loves hitting the gym or simply loves to put her hair up in a pretty, functional manner, scrunchies will help her maintain her glorious locks. Plus points to you, too!



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