Why Buying Name-Brand Printer Cartridges Makes No Sense

Inkjet printers are incredibly cheap these days — you can find a model from a famous brand like HP for around $100. However, what looks like a bargain turns out to be a rip-off, as the price for a replacement cartridge is often comparable. Fortunately, there is a way to save money and still get high-quality supplies.

Printer brands have long been capitalizing on the so-called “razor and blades” model, where a cheap product comes with expensive supplies. Fortunately, they do not have a monopoly on the cartridges. Third-party models you can buy at shop https://smartink.pro/ allow you to save as much as 75%. Here is everything you need to know about reliable compatible cartridges in 2021.

Original vs. Affordable

Printer manufacturers advise customers against trying any third-party products. They justify their own prices by intensive R&D, which is said to cost billions of dollars. This works for all major brands of laser and inkjet printers. Companies like HP are thought to sell some of their models at a loss, as they recoup the investment by offering costly OEM (original equipment manufacturer) cartridges.

These products are always the priciest. Naturally, you have peace of mind knowing the quality is guaranteed, and there will be no issues with compatibility. At the same time, customers feel cheated for good reason. Today, there are two ways to cut costs:

  • refill your old cartridge (remanufacture it),
  • buy a refilled OEM product, or
  • buy a compatible third-party product.

The first two options involve emptying, cleaning, and refilling. As the ink is a proprietary product, choose the provider carefully. Reliable stores offer extensive warranties and test every product before shipping. Their staff make sure the sensitive elements are intact, and they pour in the right amount of ink without bubbles. The colors, drying time, and other physical properties are just as good as with the original cartridges.

Compatible Cartridges: Pros and Cons

Compatible models are designed and produced from scratch. They emulate name-brand cartridges but have enough distinctions to prevent their producers from breaking the law. These replacements are perfectly legal, and printer manufacturers have failed to outlaw them. All they can do is program their machines to reject unoriginal products (this problem is usually solved by disabling the updates).

As the term suggests, these alternatives suit the equipment from famous manufacturers, such as Canon and HP. Reliable third-party brands are thriving, as the demand is understandably high. Compatible cartridges deliver great value for money, and they may come with extensive warranties.

In terms of quality, the deviations are often minuscule. Reliable suppliers comply with international quality standards like ISO. Customers get buyer protection covering any transportation damage and production defects. Combined with free shipping, this is a winning combination.

To Sum Up

Big printer brands know how attractive third-party products are, but they have no right to ban them. Compatible and refilled cartridges let you save on the consumable supplies every time, so why not save your money?




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