What is the Cost of Moving from Florida to New York

New York is the city that has everything to offer which a person thinks of or desires to have. If you are also considering moving into the city then you should know about the city first. As the city has the highest taxation therefore you need to pay attention to the living cost of the city before you take any big decision to move in.

If you are flexible enough with your budget for living in the city then it is time to pay attention to the moving cost. The cost varies on the several factors. Whether you choose to hire a moving company or pick containers for moving, you must know about the basic costs associated with the relocation. So there is no direct figure that tells you the exact charges, you need to estimate it by yourself. This guide will help you to know the cost. 


The time you decided to move also affects the entire charges. Most people want to move into the summer season when there is the warm season in New York City. But this is the peak season of the moving, therefore, there is less availability of the movers, and as they are higher in demand so they would charge higher while in another case if you avoid moving during this time and flexible enough to change the moving date then you can save the cost and at that time, the movers are also ready to offer you a discount. The cost of moving is around $5,000 to $8,000 depending on the organization of movers you have chosen. You can reduce the cost by moving in the off-season. 

Shipping automobile:

If you own a vehicle and want to transport it to your new house along with your belongings, then you will have to hire an automobile shipping company. The cost is about $700. It varies according to the season, mode of transportation, fuel prices, space available on carrier, size, and weight of vehicle, etc. It also varies on the mode of the transportation.

Move size:

The weight of the stuff also plays an important role. Usually, moving companies first take an inventory of all the items that you want to move and then they give you a moving quote as per the volume of the stuff you want to move. You should be ready to spend $4,000 to $5,000 for an average moving. Purge out the items to reduce the moving charges.

Budget and services you take:

Usually, it is your budget which decides the services you take like if you took the additional services like the packing, unpacking, and cleaning services then you need to pay higher while if you do these tasks by yourself then you don’t need to pay for it.

Options to move:

By hiring movers:

To reduce your workload of shifting your belongings, you can hire a professional moving company. An experienced moving company is responsible to carry all the activities involved in the moving process. You just have to relax by giving the entire task in their hands. Generally, hiring movers will cost you more than moving by yourself. Generally, the average cost of hiring a moving company to relocate from Florida to New York is about $4500.

Cost when moving on your own:

If you are planning to move by yourself then it does not mean that there will be no expenses on moving. You will have to spend your money to cover the following cost-

  1. Packing materials: You will need to buy packing materials from the market to pack your possessions to shift them to your new house. Packing supplies you might need are cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, labels, tapes, newspapers, etc. though you can get a few items for free also like boxes from local stores.
  1. Transportation cost: To relocate your belongings to the new place, you will need to rent a truck which will cost you few bucks. When moving from Florida to New York, the average cost that is charged to rent a truck is about $700 per day. Rent is dependent upon various factors, such as the size of the truck, weight of your belongings, number of trucks, distance to be traveled, etc. For an accurate estimate, you can contact the nearby truck rental company. Also, you will need to pay for fuel expenses.
  1. Labor cost: You also have to pay the labor cost in case if you take the help of labor in things like loading and unloading of items. Because these tasks require man power and an individual can’t perform the entire task.
  1. Shipping container cost: It is easy to load the belongings into a shipping container and then loading the same container into a truck. It cost about $700 to $4000 to rent shipping containers depending on the number of containers you need to load your entire stuff.

Bottom line:

The above guide will help you in estimating the charges according to your unique move type. You must know detailed cost of moving out of state, irrespective of your destination. The better you understand the cost associated with the move, the better you can plan the move and enjoy a smooth relocation experience.



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