What Is an Internet-Enabled TV?

An internet-enabled TV allows you to connect to the internet and helps you access online content. This means that you can enjoy YouTube videos, stream Netflix shows, or do any online activity over the internet while continuing to catch your daily programming on TV from the best cable TV connection. An internet-equipped TV is meant to allow the same functionality just like a streaming device does. For an internet-enabled TV, you need a fast and reliable internet connection. You’ll then have access to thousands of TV shows and movies from any of your favorite streaming apps. Let us now have a look at what is an internet-enabled TV and how it works:

What is an Internet-Enabled TV?

The internet has become an inseparable part of our lives and almost all of our routine activities depend on the internet more or less. With almost every device allowing you to stay connected online, internet TV is another remarkable gift of technology. With the help of an Ethernet port, it allows you to make use of the internet on the television screen to access all content of your choice. You can subscribe to your favorite streaming service and watch all your favorite online content on the big screen.

How much does it cost?

Technically, the price of enjoying internet-enabled TV comes in two parts: the cost of internet-enabled TV itself and the internet. As obvious, these internet TVs are pricey as compared to traditional TV sets, from $99 to $1099, depending on the screen size and brand. To make it functional, you do need high-speed internet with preferably no data limit. Thus, the monthly fee adds in too.

How does an Internet-Enabled TV Operate?

You require a fast speed and reliable internet connection that allows unlimited data so you can take full advantage of your TV. These internet-connected TVs are different from computers, of course. Almost all the big TV manufacturers have attractive internet-enabled TV sets. So it might, at times, get confusing to select the right one for yourself.

What Services are Available on an Internet-Enabled TV?

If you are planning to buy an internet TV, these are the features you must look out for. If you love watching TV shows and movies, then you must be interested in streaming apps and their compatibility with the TV. If you are a diehard gamer, you must consider the compatibility of your video games with that TV. Every manufacturer offers a set of features for every TV model. So, it mainly depends on your preferences. Generally, you are likely to find music services, weather, social networking apps, live broadcasts, sports, Netflix, Amazon, Video On Demand, Spotify, HBO Go, Video Games, and others.

To use an internet-connected TV, you must attach it to a reliable internet connection. It can be done wirelessly or via a wired Ethernet connection. Once the TV is connected to the internet source, it is all set to display online content of your choice.

It is recommended that you upgrade your internet plan to unlimited data so you do not have to worry about consuming data before the month ends. Online streaming requires a lot of data so an internet plan with a no-data policy will help you prevent any overage fee.

Unlocking a Whole World of Options

Internet-connected TV presents accessibility to a wide range of internet apps. Do not expect it to function like your laptop as it cannot compensate for web browsing. Though you can enjoy a whole world of internet-enabled features, including streaming services and social media apps.

Can we use the Internet and Watch TV Simultaneously?

Well, most of the internet TVs make use of the full-screen feature for streaming videos. However, it depends on the make and model of your TV set. However, applications like news or weather updates are usually visible while you enjoy watching your favorite show.

How to Decide the Best TV for Yourself?

First, you need to trim down your preferences when it comes to features. When you visit the market, you will find a lot of overlap in features as there are many options. For instance, one gamer might pick Panasonic while the other might want to go for Samsung or Vizio, so it is a personal choice. But it is advisable to do some research about the brands to see which ones match your requirements in a better way. This can save you from confusion while standing at the TV store, scratching your head surrounded by so many TV models.

Wrapping Up

Internet-enabled TV has indeed opened new doors to a wide range of internet applications and platforms. They are now manufactured by almost every flagship brand in varying models and price tags. You must know your top preference in terms of entertainment so you can pick the best internet TV for yourself!



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