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Oral sex is something many men say they don’t get enough of. Male friends complain it’s just not like the movies where women love giving random acts of pleasure. They say, when it happens, it’s so pleasurable that it’s also over way too soon!

These complaints got me thinking about why men aren’t getting the sex they want and seem to prefer, so I asked a few close friends to share some insight.

“The Ask”

One of my friends—let’s call her Robin, because that’s her name—said that she can always tell when her partner wants oral sex. He is unusually nice to her, eats her out frequently, takes her out to dinner a few times during the week (when they almost never eat out), and often gives her a small but nice present like a piece of jewelry she’s been wanting.  Over the past year, she’s noticed that he seems to have a series of steps that lead up to what she calls “the ask.”

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In his ask, the partner uses the word “please” a lot. Recently, when he decided to ask, a question about the taste or flavor of his sperm came up. She was surprised at first, then realized that sometimes the flavor of his semen wasn’t necessarily fresh. And the flavor could change sometimes, depending on the foods he’d recently eaten.


In some ways, my friend provided me with too much information. I didn’t really need to know some of the things she told me about their private lives.

So, I called another friend to learn the answers to some basic questions, such as “Do you like to perform oral sex on your boyfriend?”

Melissa laughed when I called her about this post, but she’s a good sport and agreed to answer my questions.

She’s engaged, and says that oral sex is important to Alex.  She agrees that sometimes the taste of his shoot isn’t that delicious. She says that sometimes giving Alex oral sex is exactly what she wants to do, but he doesn’t make a big deal out of asking for it at times she doesn’t offer.

This couple seems ideally matched because he sometimes spontaneously gives her oral sex, too.

I was onto something, though, about taste and flavor, so I went to a third friend.

How to get more oral sex

I called Ellie’s mobile and got Jack, her boyfriend, instead. They’re my close friends and I decided to be brave and ask Jack my questions.  I started with, “Do you believe that you receive enough oral sex?”

He laughed out loud. Actually, howled out loud is a better description of the sound he made!

He said, “No! That’s impossible for me and probably for most men.”

I proceeded with, “What do you think would encourage Ellie to give you more sex?”

His kneejerk response made me laugh. “We practice this skill a lot because it’s not the easiest for her…”

Jack paused, then answered my question. “I believe she would give me more oral sex if she liked the taste better. She always asks me to leave a glass of orange or pineapple juice next to the bed, and she heads straight for it—pun intended—afterwards.”

He also made a point of explaining that neither he nor Ellie make a big dance out of asking for oral sex. If she wants it, he says she just points there. He says, “Ellie considers herself a lady and I just laugh when she does that. I’m fine with whatever she wants because I love that girl!”

Semen flavor enhancer

You can imagine my surprise when I learned about an Indiegogo project called “Shoot Fresh” semen flavor enhancer. After my eyebrows shot up in spite of themselves, I realized that some of my friends—and maybe even me—might buy this product. Because we’re all interested in giving the act of pleasure—really—but some of us just don’t like the occasionally funky flavor.

Shoot Fresh, an Australia crowd funding project, is hoping to remove the issue of semen taste by promoting a clean, delicious flavor for those interested in giving a male partner more oral sex!

Fund business that’s meaningful to you

Readers of our blog know that we love new business and believe in Kickstarter and Indiegogo as great places for our friends and clients to raise money. Everyone with an interest in promoting more oral sex and sex in general can find ways to make their feelings known. Give generously!




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  1. I’m a woman. This is bad advice and off-base. The flavor is the least of our worries. It doesn’t feel good and too often goes unappreciated by the receiver. They don’t give back/pay forward/enough, etc.

  2. The guy who makes her feel even sexier when she performs it – are definetly getting more of oral sex. Good thing is to take her out and flood with compliments about how desireabale she is and how playful she is… the combination of these two ideas in the beginning of the evening is often paying at the end…
    … or easier (but not that fun) find an easy girl just for this.

  3. Please seek a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Son of God. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. – John 3:16


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