Visa Types and When Do You Need Them?

A visa is necessary if you want to enter the premises of the United Kingdom. The drawback is that the application process is almost always complicated, especially for first-time immigrants or migrants who wish to gain entry to the UK. Because of this, you may need a lawyer for immigration Ireland to aid you throughout your application process and ensure that you have a smooth transfer to the country in no time.

When moving to another country, it’s essential that you already have a brief background of the UK immigration system and the visa types you may need to apply for. Choosing the visa that’s appropriate for your situation is crucial since it offers you the rights you will need to sustain your stay in the country. It mainly depends on the purpose of your visit. If you’re planning to enter the UK for work, then you may need a Skilled Worker Visa or a Family visa if you want to reunite with your family in the country.

Regardless, knowing which kind of visa you need to obtain is important so that you can do whatever you wish to do in the UK. This article covers the different types of visas and when you might be needing each of them.

1. Family visas

Being separated from your family is a difficult experience to go through, especially if they’re on the other side of the globe. Fortunately, there are different UK visa types that you can use to reunite with your family. You can be qualified for a family permit if at least one of these things apply to your situation:

  • You have an eligible relationship with a UK-based individual with humanitarian protection or refugee status
  • Your spouse or family member is a British Citizen
  • Your spouse or family member has an Indefinite Leave to Remain of settled status.

The UK Family visa allows you to visit family members in the United Kingdom. This is specifically for individuals who have family members that are residing and working in the UK and wish to join them for over six months as their dependents. These dependents can be children, the spouse, partner, fiancé, parents, proposed civil partner, or other members of the family.

Furthermore, a family visa is divided into three categories:

UK Child Visa

This visa allows UK residents to bring their non-EU national child to live with them in the UK. Thus, the main criteria for a child to be qualified for this visa are for one of their parents to be a resident in the UK. The requirements for this visa also depend on whether you are born outside the UK or inside.

UK Spouse Visa

Settled persons and British citizen can bring their overseas spouse to the United Kingdom through the Spouse visa. Also called a Marriage visa, it is a visa type that you need to remain in the UK to reside with a fiancé or spouse for more than six months.

UK Parent Visa

This is a visa type designed for certain cases where a parent wishes to join their child who is a resident or citizen of the United Kingdom with no restrictions on immigration. You are only eligible for this visa if your child is a dependent resident of the country under 18.

2. Visitor visas

Visitor visas are for non-EEA nationals intending to enter the UK for only a time period of six months or less. The standard visitor visa can be utilized for several purposes, such as accessing private medical treatment, visiting family and friends, or staying as a tourist in the UK.

Other types of visitor visas also comprise the Short-term study visa, which is for students who plan to study temporarily in the country. ON the other hand, a Business Visitor visa is a visa that grants foreign nationals temporary entry to the UK to carry out business-related activities.

It’s worth noting that visitor visas are only issued for a six-month period and aren’t allowed to be extended. Nonetheless, visitors from non-EEA countries may opt to apply for a long-term visit visa if they want to travel.

3. Visas for students

If you’re planning to study in the UK, then a UK student visa is the best option for you. The United Kingdom is home to multiple world-class and top-tier educational institutions, which make it a famous destination for many foreign studies. But before entering the country, overseas nationals should first obtain a visa that lets them study a course of their preference in the UK.

The UK Student visa or the Tier 4 Visa allows you to stay in the UK throughout the duration of your studies. To qualify, you should first have an offer to study a specific course from a registered educational facility in the UK. Furthermore, you may also need to demonstrate your skills in the English language and provide proof that you can sustain yourself financially without resorting to public funds.



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