Virgin Water: The Benefits of Drinking Clean Water

“Well, of course clean water is good for you,” I can almost hear you protest. Yes, it is good for you, and you’d be hard pressed to find a single more important substance to human life than good old H2O.

Tell a modern day human being that they need clean drinking water – enough for them, as well as any others dependent on them – and they are unlikely to look at you in shock. They are likely already intimately familiar with the feeling of not getting enough water; the scratch of thirst in your throat, the dizziness, and the all-encompassing sluggishness. Dehydration can be tough on its victims.

Many common health problems can be either prevented or resolved by drinking clean water. Water makes up 85% of our body mass, so it’s no surprise just how crucial drinking pure, clean water is for so many bodily functions, from transporting nutrients in the blood to regulating temperature, to helping us stay focused and preventing headaches.

People undergoing severe dehydration have to endure several health problems. Not having enough virgin water to drink can lead to several medical conditions including lethargy, severe depression, diabetes, general body weakness, high blood pressure, and loss of energy.

It baffled me when I first learnt, as a child, that not everyone on earth has enough water to drink (2.1 Billion people don’t), especially since I also discovered that 3 fourths of the earth’s surface is made up of water. The problem with those numbers, though, is that most of the earth’s water is salt water, especially in the oceans. However, there are ways to purify salt water, so if the wealthiest countries had any desire to provide clean water to the world, it would have been happening by now.

When talking about a problem like this, it is easy to treat it as a third-world problem, which is exactly what I have tended to do. However, an estimated 75% of all North Americans suffer from dehydration each year, presumably because they didn’t drink enough virgin water. It is a major cause of infant death around the world and is responsible for several thousands of cases where the elderly had to be hospitalised.

What the world needs more of is not water – we definitely have more than enough of that. We need more clean, potable, virgin water, clear and odorless, so that we can begin to take bigger strides forward as a species.

What Does Virgin Water Mean?

By virgin water, we mean clean water that is safe for human consumption. In the context of this site, virgin water means safe water, free of disease and sediment, purified to a point where any human being can safely drink.

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For water to be safe for humans, it must be clean and clear. Virgin water has no colour, taste or odour, and is desirable and palatable to any human. To solve our global water crisis, we have to ensure that the water that these people have is safe enough for them that they don’t mind sharing it with others. This can help us literally spread health from one person to another due to the benefits of having pure water available.


Access to clean water definitely has potential to shape a community and its residents. Without water, necessary for every single human activity, it is impossible to organise any sort of community development.

The key to sustainable growth and development for any sort of community is clean water, especially when coupled with effective public sanitation and hygiene programs.

Imagine the number of disease cases we would be able to cut out of the medical system if everyone on earth washed their hands regularly. In one community, the introduction of hand washing as a compulsory practice in schools led to a huge drop in child diarrhea cases in just under a month! When people have access to clean water and good health, they have time and energy to spend on improving their lives and contributing towards the growth of their community.

With the ability to innovate and grow without the hassle of constantly searching for clean water, well-rounded educated young men and women become wealthy adults, who contribute to the society by creating jobs and leading the national discourse on crucial issues needing their expertise.

No matter where you are in the world, water is the common denominator, the single thing that can make or break life for residents of a community, both present and future. It is glaringly obvious that clean water is the base of all societal development.

Start today to contribute to your community in the easiest, most grassroots way you can. Drink a glass of water now. Studies indicate that thirst may not be as accurate an indicator of the body’s hydration level. This means that it is safest to carry around a bottle of the good stuff; clean, virgin water. If you do this at all times – no matter if you are going to the office or to skydive- you will always be prepared to safeguard your health with a sip of water.



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