Upgrade to a Heavy-Duty Toyota Hilux Clutch Kits

Are you trying to get better performance out of your Hilux? You may want to consider a heavy-duty Toyota Hilux clutch kit to ensure you get consistent power and performance for your vehicle. A good clutch will help you get proper engagement between the engine and gearbox so your truck performs the way you need.

Why Replace Your Current Clutch?

If your Hilux still has a good working clutch, you might wonder why you want to replace it with aftermarket Toyota Hilux clutches. While the standard manufacturer-installed clutch might work well for some, it might not be the right choice if you have more demanding needs for your vehicle.

You have to remember that the standard clutch that comes with the vehicle can probably handle the daily commute, as well as light off-roading and some light towing. However, those manufacturer clutches may not have the capabilities you need.

Consider the way you are using your truck. If you are just using it as a commuter, you can use an OEM clutch without worry. However, if you are using your Hilux for those more demanding activities, you will likely notice that you have clutch problems sooner rather than later.

The clutch might start slipping. You could have problems getting the clutch to engage properly and might even lose power to your wheels. Clutches of all types do a lot of work in the vehicle, and when you place greater demands on a clutch that can’t handle it, there will be problems. Ultimately, you will find that your clutch wears out a lot sooner than you might’ve imagined.

Quite a few people have taken to modifying their Hilux to get better performance from the vehicle that meets their requirements. For example, you might change the tires for those better suited to off-roading or fit a new exhaust. You might be carrying a lot of gear or even towing a trailer. Those OEM clutches just aren’t going to cut it. You will find that they wear down quickly, and you aren’t getting the performance you want.

If you are one of those people who have modified other aspects of your Hilux, or if you are using the vehicle for off-road adventures, towing, etc., it simply makes sense to upgrade to a better clutch rather than going with another OEM clutch. You will be capable of dealing with harsher conditions and will have the power and torque you need. Once you install the clutch, you will have a lot more peace of mind no matter where your adventures or work might take you.

What Comes in a Toyota Hilux Clutch Kit?

Typically, a clutch kit will come with the cover assembly, clutch plate, and release bearing. Unless it is otherwise specified, they will not come with other parts, such as the flywheel or the concentric slave cylinder. When you are purchasing a kit, make sure you check to see what comes in the kit. If you need to replace other parts, you might want to get everything at the same time, so the truck can be outfitted with everything you need.

Additionally, you have to be sure you are opting for the right kit for your vehicle. Always double-check the make, model, and year to be sure it will fit properly in the vehicle. You don’t want to buy a kit that you have to then return because it’s the wrong option for your engine size or the wrong year.

How Long Will a Toyota Hilux Clutch Last?

The answer to this question is not simple, as a clutch’s lifetime will vary from one vehicle and driver to the next. The OEM clutches can last tens of thousands of kilometers when used properly.

However, they can wear down and start slipping after much less time if they are being used for off-roading, towing, and other purposes. The same is true if the driver isn’t taking care with their clutch use.

Those who want to have a clutch that will last longer and provide better performance should opt for a high-quality, heavy-duty Toyota Hilux clutch kit instead. As mentioned, they are capable of handling more difficult conditions.

Still, you want to take care of the clutch and drive the vehicle correctly. This means you should avoid changing gears slowly, don’t ride the clutch, and always shift smoothly. Those who are new to driving with a clutch might want to practice with something a different vehicle or with an OEM clutch before upgrading. Take good care of your clutch, and it will take good care of you.

Can You Replace Toyota Hilux Clutches on Your Own?

Those who have done a lot of work on their own vehicles and who have modified their truck will often have the skill and the tools needed to replace the clutch themselves. However, if you don’t have the experience or the tools needed, you might instead want to take the truck to a mechanic or a friend with the skills. They can do it for you and make sure it is installed properly.

Once you have the clutch installed, take it out and give it some light testing for a bit to see how well it works and to ensure it has been installed correctly. Once you are sure the clutch is working well, you can then start to give it some real tests by towing to capacity or heading out for an off-road trek.

Buy from a Quality Seller

When you are buying anything online today, you have to be careful. This is especially true with higher-priced items like a Toyota Hilux clutch kit. Make sure you check out the seller’s site, their reputation, and their products to ensure you are getting the best kit for your money.




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