Unique Gift Giving Ideas for Savvy and Stylish Men

Anyone can buy a gift and give it someone, but not everyone is a good gift giver. Think about your style of gift giving, are you someone who runs out last minute and throws a gift card into a Hallmark and calls it a day? Or are you someone who hits the department store and buys the most expensive item thinking that means it’s the best? Or maybe you have a spouse or partner who makes all your gift purchases, and you simply sign a card. No matter what your current style is, to level up your gift giving think about unique ideas that show you have put in the time, attention, and thought, that being a goof gift give requires.


Especially as we get older, there seems to never be enough time in a day. Relationships that we have had for long periods of time, like those with our parents, or in some cases a spouse or partner, can contribute to lackluster gift giving simply because it is easy to think that it doesn’t matter what you give to someone who has been in your life for a long period of time. But it does matter.

Giving someone the gift of your time and attention is something that you cannot buy in a store. Giving someone the gift of an experience is a new trend that you should pay attention to. Some ideas can include tickets to a movie or concert, a vacation, or taking a class together like one for cooking or a physical activity. Think about the person who will receive the gift and buy with what they love to do in mind instead of what you love. The gesture of your consideration and thoughtfulness is going to make your gift a hit regardless of the details.


In todays’ busy world using a gift giving opportunity as your chance to take something off of someone else’s plate is a huge way to level up. You can think about the person to whom you are giving the gift, and what elements of their day that you think they could use a break from. Subscription boxes are all the rage, and they make great gifts. You can find a box for almost any need or category and the prices, and frequency of delivery can all be tailored to your budget.

If you want to standout, think about a snack subscription box. These boxes are going to introduce your loved one to items that they perhaps normally would not purchase themselves, or even know that they exist. You can get a snack subscription box with snacks from around the world delivered monthly and depending on the frequency have a gift that keeps on giving beyond the initial opening of the present itself. Trying different snacks from Munch can give the recipient something to look forward to and help them discover new foods to love as well.


Putting someone’s name on a gift is much different than putting someone’s name on a card. A personalized gift is great way to show that you care and have thought about what this person would love so much that you had their name put on it. Additionally, there is an extra element of time that goes into personalizing a gift that will tickle any recipient from a small child to a coworker, to a significant other. The good news is you can have virtually anything personalized these days. Refer to a gift giving guide to find something that you love and then think about how to add a person’s name, monogram, or even a date that is significant to your relationship with them right on it for that extra special touch.



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