Give the Gift of an Experience This Father’s Day

Now more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of family. As Father’s Day nears, it’s time to start thinking about how you want to thank the father figure in your life.

This year has been challenging for everyone, but we often forget the brave face parents put on when there’s uncertainty in the world. Their selflessness has allowed us to progress, and while we should be thanking them more than just one day of the year, Father’s Day is a great occasion to pay it forward.

Fathers put their family’s needs ahead of their own, and this is the day to put their needs first. This year, consider giving your father figure the gift of an experience.

The Gift of an Experience

Any experience is a great gift — an experience may not be a tangible gift but comes with memories that could last a lifetime. Not to mention, your options are endless. You can take them to a new mall you found on a directory like Shopping Canada, watch a movie in theatres, go golfing — the sky is the limit. ­With the year we all had, it’s time to step up and make this Father’s Day extra special. Instead of gifting a typical Father’s Day gift, consider the memorable experiences you can give to your dad this year. The best part? These are experiences that can accommodate different budgets.

A Much Needed Vacation

Depending on how well your country is doing with COVID-19, a vacation could be a much-needed and appreciated experience. Whether your father has either been at home with the family or working as usual, chances are he could deserve a break. Plus, a vacation doesn’t need to mean air travel. A vacation is possible even if the father can’t take that affordable trip in Europe. You don’t have to go across the globe to offer the trip of a year. Sometimes the best trip is a stay at a chalet that’s a three-hour drive North or a stay at a fancy new hotel with unique amenities.


You can opt for a full-on spa session or even a gift card to a massage provider. After all, a massage does wonders to the body and mind. A massage could be just the thing to rejuvenate your dad and help him conquer the next week with a clear mind and less muscle tension. 

Exotic Car Experience

For the car fanatic in your life, you can sign up for anywhere between a thirty-minute to six-hour experience in their dream car(s). Depending on your location, the options in vehicles can range from a Mclaren 570s to a Rolls Royce Ghost, perfect for any enthusiast. 

Best Seats in House

Arenas around the world are beginning to open up with limited capacity; NBA has already opened. Nothing says ‘thanks, dad’ like the best seats to a live game! While the best seats would be the front row, you can check out the best seats and provide money for food. If you want to kill two gifts in one go, buy them a new jersey and then surprise them with tickets to the game. A perfect way to say thank you, dad. 

Gift Basket

If your father is a beef lover and is obsessed with beef jerky, you can always gift him a beef jerky bouquet. has the cutest collection of beef jerky bouquets available which are set in different vase case. You can also get a box containing beef jerky with other goodies to make the gift more special for your father. So, go get yours now before it runs out of stock.




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