Top Tips on How to Become a Wedding Singer

Initially, when you think of a wedding singer, it can be difficult to shake the image of Adam Sandler in a white suit from your head; however, being a wedding singer can be an extremely prosperous and profitable career. A wedding singer will be asked to perform at marriage ceremonies and receptions (depending on the client’s wishes). In some instances, they may even be asked to act as a master of ceremonies, guiding guests smoothly through the wedding festivities.

It’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to securing frequent gigs as a wedding singer, so below are some top tips that should set you on your way.

Consider Professional Training

Although specific training isn’t necessary on your road to becoming a wedding singer, taking professional voice lessons can put you at a huge advantage. This is a very competitive market, and clients will want you to hit every note perfectly. By engaging with professional vocal training, you’ll pick up some tips, tricks, and techniques on how you can harness your talent. Word of mouth can be incredibly important as a wedding singer, so you’d be surprised how far a few faultless performances will go.

The Grind of Gig Finding

Initially, finding gigs requires a lot of groundwork and can be one of the most grating aspects of becoming a wedding singer. One tip is that you should always be prepared to sell yourself with music and references, so potential clients will know exactly what they’re getting. Again, word of mouth is important, so once you have enough gigs under your belt, you may find the bookings come looking for you.

Additionally, more and more people are taking to sites such as for their wedding entertainment. These sites provide a range of high-quality talent for wedding bookings and are incredibly reliable. Whether you are registered on such a site or not, having a strong online presence is incredibly important when it comes to securing bookings.

Choosing What Music to Play

The type of music you play will depend entirely on the kind of bookings you’d like. If you want to perform during ceremonies, then it would be worth your time learning commonly used religious songs. If you would like to perform at receptions, then you should build a catalog of popular hits. Chances are you’ll get requests whilst you’re performing, so you want to try minimizing the number of times you have to turn people away because you don’t know a track.

Preparing Demos

When you’re trying to sell yourself to clients, having an audio or visual demo is paramount. These samples should highlight your range as a performer, so be sure to include the likes of hymns, pop songs, dance numbers, and rock ballads. Prepare your demo in a variety of different formats as some clients may not be as tech-savvy as others. Have it on hand as an MP3, a CD, a digital download, and so on. You should also include your photo and contact information so that people remember who you are and know how best to reach you.

Collaborate With Wedding Planners

It is common practice for wedding planners to refer singers to their clients. It is a good idea to work closely with wedding planners as this, more often than not, leads to an increase in bookings. You should contact local planners, book an appointment with them, and be prepared with a copy of your demo to hand.




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