Top Male Sex Toys

Male sex toys come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and functions to satisfy every need. Whether you’re into anal play, penetration or hands free play, there is a toy out there specially designed for your desires. No longer are male sex toys a taboo subject, they’re an incredible way to explore your personal pleasure and to have an exciting night with your partner. Here, we’ll talk you through the top 10 male sex toys that you can buy from sex shops like and other websites.


Fleshlights are a top selling male sex toy that provides realistic sensations with lifelike openings modeled after famous adult stars vaginas, anuses and mouths. The textured inserts are expertly crafted to give incredible sensations and are filled with nubs, bumps and ridges to stimulate the penis. The opening of the fleshlight is modeled with incredible detail after famous vaginas and anuses to give you incredible visual stimulation. And the real-feel silicone feels just like (or better than) the real thing, especially if you submerge in warm water just before using!

Butt Plug

Butt plugs are a popular toy for both men and women, but men may find more benefit to butt plugs due to the prostate. The prostate is known as the male g-spot (also known as the p-spot) and certain anal toys can help to stimulate this magic spot to help you reach full body orgasms. The anus is full of incredible nerve endings that feel sensational when stimulated, and by inserting a butt plug, you can stimulate these nerves whilst also heightening your overall sexual experience. Butt plugs are perfect to use as an accessory during masturbation, during sex with your partner or before more intense anal activity to ‘warm up’ the anus.

Cock Ring

If you want a harder and longer lasting erection that can also provide you with thrilling sensations, then you need a cock ring. Cock rings are popular as they enhance yours and your partners sexual pleasure, achieve a harder erection and can help you last longer in bed. Cock rings are tight rings generally made of rubber or silicone (however you can also find glass and metal cock rings at sex stores if that’s what you’re into!) and sit at the base of the penis to restrict blood from flowing back down which keeps the penis harder for longer. Some cock rings come with added functions like vibrations to stimulate the penis and the clitoris of your partner which enhances the sex for you both.

Penis Pump

For those who may struggle with erectile dysfunction, or those who want to know what it’s like to have a bigger, stronger erection, you should try a penis pump. Penis pumps can increase the length and girth of your penis temporarily before sex. They work by creating a vacuum over your penis and as you pump the air out of the container, it promote more blood flow to your penis causing it to become erect, swell and increase in size. As well as just looking great, it also provides stimulation as it feels like a sucking sensation and can be used solely for masturbation purposes if desired.




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