Top Female Styling Tips that Men Should Follow

Women pride themselves on their ability to mix and match dresses, shoes, accessories and other items flawlessly. For many ladies, this is an innate talent that comes extra handy especially when they attend events or go to job interviews. For males, it’s a whole different story. Thankfully though, there are plenty of female styling tips that men can follow. Learn more about these as you read on.

It pays to invest in white plain shirts 

A plain white top makes a superb wardrobe staple especially if you are required to follow a formal or semi-formal dress code at work. They’re quite easy to style even if you have a very minimal number of pieces to play with. 

For starters, you can pair a buttoned-up dress shirt with a suit or blazer. For the bottom, you can wear denim jeans, slacks or chinos. As for the shoes, you get to choose from a wide range of items including loafers, lace-up leather shoes, and oxfords. 

If possible, try investing in at least four white tops with different designs or styles. This way you get to have as many outfit variations to choose from. 

Even the simplest pieces of clothing can look elegant

In the fashion industry, the simplest pieces are often the loudest and the most elegant ones. If you truly want to stand out, you need to have an eye for simplicity. You don’t need to wear a lot of layers, prints or contrasting designs just to draw the attention of people around you. 

Concentrate on highlighting your best assets such as your height, physique, and face. You also don’t need to use too many colors when conceptualizing an outfit. Stick to at most four colors when mixing and matching your wardrobe staples. If you love wearing prints, be extra careful in picking complementary colors or pieces. As much as possible, don’t wear more than one printed design.  

Being stylish doesn’t really require you to spend a fortune

It’s no secret how men’s wear tends to cost a bit more compared to women’s. This is mostly attributed to the lack of choices for male clothing and accessories. Most of the time, men’s formal wear for Sunday service tends to cost more than pricey modest dresses. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to shell out thousands of dollars every time you go shopping. There are plenty of ways to save money but still create a clean and impressive look. For example, you can take advantage of sales promotion. 

Your favorite brands might put up some items on a 50 or a 30 percent discount. Additionally, you should shop for items that you need. Prioritize clothes, accessories, or footwear that you use on a regular basis. As much as possible, buy high-quality items that can serve you for years. 

Check your wardrobe before hitting the stores!

A smart shopper understands the value of doing a closet inventory. You’ll never know what rare treasures you have in your wardrobe if you don’t check it in the first place. Before you go crazy adding items to your cart or buying clothes from your favorite fashion stalls or stores check what you already own. This might help you think of what pieces of clothing you still need to invest in or determine whether you need to go shopping at all.

Don’t hesitate to try new fashion trends 

Every year, a new fashion fad gets introduced by celebrities, renowned stylists and influencers. Sometimes, such trends only stick for a couple of months while others stand the test of time. When new fashion trends emerge, you might want to try them and check out if one of them resonates with your personal style. Who knows, a particular trend might fit right into your lookbook. 

There are plenty of things that women can effortlessly do. As a man, you can take inspiration from these things and start integrating them into your own practices. Which of the tips above would you like to try out?




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