The Ultimate Guide to Spanking

We live in a modern world where sex is much more than a mere physical need or a way to procreate. Moreover, modern men and women are enjoying many fetishes and one of the most popular ones out there is probably spanking. So, if you too are into this fetish and want to try it out with your partner or someone you met on a spanking chat, make sure to read this ultimate guide to erotic spanking.

Set the Mood First

Erotic spanking is a form of a well-known and popular BDSM fetish, which means that you first need to set up a mood before you start spanking your lover’s ass. Striking your lover’s butt during vanilla intercourse is not a good idea. Your partner has to know that you’re about to have kinky sex in order for the spanking to be consensual.

Talk to Your Partner about What They Like

Spanking is a fun fetish that can rejuvenate the sexual relationship you have with your partner. However, before you implement this into your sex routine, you have to talk to your lover about the things they like and don’t like in the sheets. This way you won’t make a mistake that could complicate your relationship and make your sex life awkward.

Play with Your Partner’s Butt Before Spanking

If you really want to have an enjoyable spanking experience, you have to ease into it. You can’t just slap your lover’s butt cheek right after they drop their pants; you must warm them up a bit first. The best way to do that is by playing with their butt. Feel free to kiss, caress, and massage their cheeks. After a few minutes of this, they will be ready for the spanking.

Use Certain Aids and Toys

A lot of people can’t figure out the perfect intensity of the spank when they’re slapping their partner with their bare hand. This is a common problem and if you have it too, you should try using certain aids and sex toys. Visit your local sex shop and buy a whip, flogger, paddle, or a leather crop. These things will make your spanking experience more enjoyable.

Make Every Spank Different

Simply spanking your lover’s ass is not enough for them to feel the charms of BDSM sex. If every single one of your slaps is the same, your partner will be bored after 5 minutes and you don’t want that. Therefore, if you want your partner to moan with pleasure after every strike, you have to make each spank different. Change intensity and the location of the spank often and your partner will definitely be satisfied.

Listen to Their Feedback during Spanking

Even though it sounds quite simple, erotic spanking is an activity during which you have to be very careful and observant of your partner’s reactions. There’s a chance they won’t like certain things and in order to avoid unpleasant situations, you’ll have to pay attention to their feedback during sex. If they don’t like something, don’t do it, and if they love what you’re doing, keep doing it until they cum.

Don’t Ignore the Safe Word

As we said, spanking is a form of the BDSM fetish, which means it requires a safe word. Even if both of you are into spanking, there’s always a chance that one of you will change their mind during sex. If this happens and your partner asks you to stop by saying the safe word, you must never ignore them. You have to respect the agreed terms and stop spanking them if they don’t like it.




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