The Single Man’s Guide to Making the Most of Las Vegas

From The Strip to Burlesque, Gambling to Nightclubs, Dining to VR Porn Delivery: Las Vegas Has it All

Las Vegas is known to many as the Entertainment Capital of the World, and it’s hard to say it doesn’t deserve that title. One demographic for whom Las Vegas is something of a pilgrimage is the single man. Whether interested in gambling, clubbing, cruising the strip, or something on the sexier side, Las Vegas has something to suit every guy looking for a truly exciting experience.

Gambling, Gaming, and Good Times

Legendary casinos like MGM Grand, the Bellagio, the Venetian, and the Mirage offer world-class gambling and gaming experiences that can make great fun alone or with a crew. These casinos offer a wide variety of games, including slots, table games, poker, and sports betting. If you’re new to gambling, set a budget and stick to it. Having a friend along for the ride can make keeping your spending in line much easier. And if you’re not winning, there’s always something else around the corner that can be just as exciting.

Casinos and nightclubs go hand-in-hand, and Las Vegas is home to numerous premiere clubs, including the XS and Omnia at the Wynn and Hakkasan at the MGM Grand. These clubs feature world-renowned DJs and offer a truly VIP experience. Be prepared to dress to impress and spend a lot of money on drinks and cover charges. Clubbing in Vegas is not a wise choice for those on a modest budget, but if you can afford to splurge a little, it’s a great way to feel like a high roller with little risk.

No Wonder It’s Called ‘The Strip’

Las Vegas may be synonymous with gambling, glitzy stage shows, and luxury hotels, but it’s also synonymous with more adult entertainment. From tasteful, classic burlesque shows to modern takes on the art of striptease, Las Vegas can provide adults with entertainment options that will ignite and satisfy their erotic desires. A stroll down ‘The Strip’ will reveal how prominent sexier adult options are – sex is all around you in Las Vegas.

Not everyone will manage to sweep the blackjack table and attract the attention of a stunningly sexy woman. For those heading back to their hotel rooms alone, wild, uninhibited, and seriously satisfying sex is still an option. Sure, adult movies can be fun but wouldn’t it be more fun to engage with a world-class adult performer in virtual reality?

VR Bangers, a leading producer of virtual reality porn, is using state-of-the-art technologies to bring better, more exciting sex to people everywhere. In Las Vegas, the delivery method has a truly novel twist.

Robot Delivery of Adult Thrills

VR Bangers began working Las Vegas hotels in 2016, allowing guests to use VR headsets pre-loaded with VR Bangers’ experiences, bringing access to VR sex to a brand-new audience. Although some embraced the idea, numerous hotels rejected VR Bangers’s proposal.

“We kept on getting refused,” claims VR Bangers CEO Daniel Abramovich. “We got tons of declines from the upper managers, vice presidents, etc. We called literally every hotel in Las Vegas and usually got a decline. Some said they don’t want to be associated with porn even though they show 18+ movies on their hotel TV, which is hypocrisy. Eventually, the challenge to get our headsets into hotels was harder than ever.”

The idea clearly had potential, but with dismissive hotels reluctant to take part, VR Bangers had to come up with a creative solution. Robots deliver food, packages, and even serve drinks. Now the adult services industry has their own robot delivery system. VR Bangers delivers VR headsets loaded with original VR sex experiences straight to guests’ doors.

How it Works

“The idea to use the robots is simply flawless and it changed everything,” Abramovich notes. “Hotel rooms no longer have to store our VR porn,” and by dealing directly with the consumer, not the establishment, VR sex could be “delivered right to your hotel room.” VR Bangers even created some special hotel-set experiences to heighten the realism of the encounters and to give users the wild Las Vegas romp they always wanted.

The process is as discreet and innocuous as ordering a meal: a wheeled robot drives to the hotel and the customer greets it downstairs just as it would a DoorDash or Uber Eats delivery. The robot opens its door to reveal a box containing an Oculus Quest 2 headset pre-loaded with VR Bangers scenes. All headsets are thoroughly sanitized, fully charged, and ready to go. At $49.99-per-day, having VR porn delivered is surprisingly affordable and a viable way to try it out for yourself without having to throw down hundreds of dollars for a headset. VR Bangers currently has a five-robot team rolling around Las Vegas and the studio plans to add more.

Such innovations in crafting exciting and satisfying human experiences are what Las Vegas is all about. With endless opportunities to let loose and have fun, there’s no wonder Las Vegas is considered the Entertainment Capital of the World.




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