The Many Uses of DNA Testing

When one hears DNA test, most would likely think of all the dramatic moments in TV and movies. In these shows, DNA tests are often associated with paternity checks, court cases, and even forensics investigations. These tests as portrayed in fiction seem controversial, taboo, and incredibly complicated.

In real life, these DNA tests take a few days at most, devoid of any suspense or dramatic reveals. What are the practical uses for a DNA test and why should you take one? Let us take a look.

Purposes of DNA Testing

These tests have a number of uses, ranging from the mundane to the absurd. For example, a simple DNA test can check your genetic history. This can give you a glimpse of potential hereditary health problems. This can help people monitor for symptoms, do preventive treatment, and plan for potential solutions. A person with high risk for hereditary diseases should consider getting a DNA test as early as possible.

DNA tests are not only for doom and gloom results. They can also be used for fun, out of curiosity, or even to meet new people. You can use DNA tests to check your ancestry and see if you share any lineage with notable figures throughout history. These can include celebrities, politicians, and everything in between.

Tests can also help link you up with distant relatives. Using the test, you can find relatives from the other side of the world. Using this information and with the help of social media, contacting them is as easy as pressing a button. Before you know it, your next family reunion may just be the biggest yet!

Paternal DNA Testing

While DNA testing has its many uses, majority of test-takers use it to check for one thing – paternity.

Here is a startling statistic for you. One in twenty-five fathers may actually be taking care of someone else’s child. There are plenty of reasons for this, ranging from secret affairs to mix-ups at the hospital during birth. While these mix-ups can be quite rare, instances have been recorded throughout history. How can you know for sure if your child is your own? A DNA test will show you the proof you need.

When it comes to paternal DNA testing, several issues may come up. It is a very sensitive topic; one where a negative result can impact an entire family’s life. One side may not want to provide consent into taking this test. One side may not want to know the result and would rather not take the test. Even the simple fact of bringing up the idea of DNA testing to check paternity can create rifts between relationships.

It all boils down to what you want – can you live without knowing? Or do you want solid proof?

Take the Test Today

Here is the silver lining to all of this: DNA testing is more affordable and available than ever before.

Getting yourself a kit is as easy as checking online for places that sell legitimate DNA tests. is a great example of this. Here, you can see plenty of custom DNA tests in their database. Now all you have to do is select the testing kits for your needs. Whether it is for lineage, health, or even to find relatives you never knew you had; one test is all you need. They even have options for DNA testing on pets, so you can check their lineage, genetics, and health risks.

Find something new about yourself today! Get a DNA test and you may be surprised with what you find. Whatever the purpose, these tests provide one thing – conclusive evidence.



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