The History of the Hitman Suit: Wiki, Where to Buy, and More

All About Agent 47’s suit

Since the hit video game Hitman: Codename 47 was released in 2000, Agent 47 has donned the same attire throughout the series: a classic black suit with a white shirt and red tie. The plain suit acts as the perfect disguise for a secret agent, as it draws little attention due to the simplicity, besides the signature red tie which insinuates that perhaps Agent 47’s business is more violent than many bystanders may anticipate.

Up to Hitman 3, which released yesterday, the Hitman suit has been frequent through every game in the series to date as default, however many DLC suits can be acquired, alongside other disguises in missions which may provide extra benefits. In short, it’s every bit as iconic as Agent 47’s Silverballer pistols.

The original suit is not bulletproof, however body armor can be bought and applied before each mission to allow Agent 47 to take more damage. This increases his resistance to gunshots, making him much more durable during gunfights which he would otherwise not be with just the suit alone.

Where to get Hitman’s suit

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Included with the Hitman suit is a two-button blazer with two-button cufflinks and comfortable lining, complete with lined suit pants. The shirt, tie and gloves tend to change based on Agent 47’s mission, so that part is up to you.

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agent 47s suit up close


In the first mission of Hitman: Codename 47, “Training”, Hitman originally wears a patient’s clothing in an asylum. In the neighboring room to Agent 47’s is a suit prepared by Dr. Otto Ort-Meyer to later be used by Agent 47. Otto Wolfgang Ort-Meyer (also known as Dr. Ort-Meyer) is one of five genetic fathers and was responsible for his creation.

the very original hitman clothing

In order to escape the asylum, Hitman had to disguise as an orderly and abandon the suit. One year later, a similar style of clothing was acquired by Agent 47 and from that point on was his most preferred outfit for missions.

By the events of Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47 is well acquainted with his tailor – Tommy Clemenza – who is also 47’s International Contract Agency contact, and lifelong friend. In Hitman (2016), more varied forms of apparel have entered Agent 47’s wardrobe depending on the situation he is in for each mission.

hitman signature suits


The Hitman: Blood Money (2006) suit is a black, two button notch lapel two piece suit. In the game, Hitman: Blood Money, it is donned with a white shirt and black pinstripes. Similar to the signature suit, it has the black gloves and red tie (which varies in style and patterns from game to game).

entire hitman clothing options

In Hitman: Absolution (2012), a similar black notch lapel two piece suit is worn by Agent 47, complete with a plain white cotton French cuff shirt. During this game, he often wears a solid red tie, and occasionally a black tie. Sometimes no tie at all, depending on the mission. The gloves in Hitman: Absolution are also of a slightly different variation to previous iterations, as they have an opening on the back of the hands. The cufflinks and tie clip bear the Hitman Insignia – an elusive symbol throughout the Hitman series which is usually known as a heavily modified “Fleur de Lys”. The origin of the insignia are unknown, however it is known to be associated with Dr. Ort-Meyer’s and Agent 47’s belongings respectively. Tommy Clemenza makes his appearance in this game who runs a tailor shop in Chicago.

The “Signature Suit” is dubbed as Agent 47’s suit in Hitman (2016). The usual black jacket and suit pants are included, alongside a white shirt and burgundy tie. Although, it does not have the classic gloves. This suit is included as one of the default skins in the game and does not need to be unlocked, along with a few others.

No tie clip is present in the Hitman 2 (2018) suit, but other than that it’s pretty similar to the Absolution suit in every other way. Rest in peace, tie clip, you shall be missed.

more agent 47 suits

There are far more suits, and plenty of new unlockable ones in the newest installment, Hitman 3, alongside plenty of hidden outfits to help you in any scenario. You can purchase Hitman 3 today, and receive the bonus Hitman 1 access pass. Offer ends January 30th. Available now on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch, and on PC.




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