Someone Made Agent 47’s Silverballer .45ACP Handgun from Hitman

One of my favorite video game characters is Agent 47, the anti-hero protagonist of IO Interactive’s Hitman series of video games. He’s stoic, has a dark sense of humor, and is highly talented at blending into his surroundings to infiltrate tough-to-enter places. He’s a man of many talents.

As one would expect, he’s also adept at killing people using various weapons and equipment. He can take out a man at a distance using a scoped rifle or get in close using his garrote or one of his many handguns. He even has a favorite: his Silverballer .45ACP handgun.

Agent 47’s Signature Handgun: the Silverballer .45ACP

Based on the real-life Colt M1911A1 from Arcadia Machine & Tool, Agent 47’s signature weapon is as deadly as beautiful. I’ve enjoyed using it in the many Hitman games, but I wondered: does a replica of the Hitman silver ballers exist?

ica silverballer

It turns out that there are at least a few realistic-looking replicas of Agent 47’s Silverballers, and they look pretty much spot on. Here’s an example:

YouTube player

Aside from the missing medallion, this one looks pretty sharp. It’s got that beautiful patina I love to see, which is funny considering I’ve never owned and will probably never own a firearm. Perhaps it reminds me of a good pair of denim? In any case…

silverballer pistol

In addition to the one seen in the video above, another person made one by modifying an AMT Hardballer. I understand they’re pretty standard, so you could pick one and change it to look like Agent 47’s iconic Silverballers without much work.

realistic replica of Agent 47's Silverballers

I’m no gunsmith, but the significant changes are the addition of Pachmayr grips and the custom engraving we Hitman fans know and love. If you’re interested in making your Hitman silver ballers, please do! It’s such an iconic-looking firearm, and I would love to see your take on this gaming classic.

While you’re at it, take a bunch of pictures, and I’ll update this article to include them! I’ve just collected everything I could scrounge up.

I just found another replica that someone made, pictured below. I can’t find the source, though. If you know who made this, please let me know, and I’ll update this article.

agent 47 45 acp silverballer handgun

Where can you buy the Silver Baller handgun?

hitman silverballer

Unfortunately, this gun isn’t for sale, at least not as a completed replica. That means you’ll need to create your own ICA Silverballer like everyone else based on the specs I’ve outlined in this article. It seems like an enjoyable project if you’ve already got the right equipment.

Ready for Hitman 2021?

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited for the next Hitman game that’s coming out in just a few short months. I enjoy the intellectual aspect of the Hitman games. They’re very strategic, almost like a chess match. The world needs more stylish, thinking games.




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  1. I completely agree with your love for Agent 47 and the Hitman series. The Silverballer .45ACP handgun is definitely one of the most iconic weapons in the game, and it’s great to see that there are replicas available for fans of the series. I also appreciate the attention to detail you’ve put into this article, including the specifications and modifications needed to create your own replica. I too am excited for the upcoming Hitman game and can’t wait to see the new challenges and opportunities for stealthy kills.

  2. I also have my silverballer and black lily firearm replicas. But i don’t know where to post it. You can email me. Thanks!


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