The Dos and Don’ts of Traveling Solo

Making the decision to plan a solo trip is an exciting one, but it is not one that should be taken lightly. Properly planning where you will go on your journey, along with ensuring you are safe on your travels, needs to be at the top of your mind. To that end, it’s worth looking at the most common do’s and don’ts of solo travel that can ensure you have both a fun and safe trip. 

Is Solo Travel Safe? 

One of the biggest myths regarding traveling on your own is that it is not safe, especially for women. Solo traveling can be just as safe as any other form of travel so long as a person trusts their instincts and takes the proper precautions to keep themselves safe. However, utilizing common sense such as not traveling at night and avoiding areas you are unfamiliar with is just the tip of the iceberg.  

The Most Important Do’s and Don’ts of Solo Travel

To stay safe on your journey, it’s important to follow all of the following do’s and don’ts of solo travel: 

1. Do share your travel plans with your friends and families

One of the most important things to do when traveling solo is to inform your friends and family of what you are doing on a daily basis. If you are in an area with limited reception, consider informing your family of your week-long plans. Having someone who knows where you are at all times can help if the police need to get involved should you go missing. 

2. Do build out a budget for your trip

All travelers need to have a budget for their vacation. Over the years, vacations have become increasingly expensive with a week-long vacation for one person alone reaching thousands of dollars. Therefore, solo travelers need to build out a budget that allocates funds for activities, accommodations, and more. 

3. Do keep all your personal belongings secured 

Theft is one of the most common crimes solo travelers are impacted by. Ensuring that all of your belongings are stowed safely is important. To that end, utilizing luggage storage services in large cities such as Paris can be an excellent idea. Travelers can lock up these items with accredited professionals and have the freedom to go out and explore without worrying about their belongings being exposed. 

4. Don’t be overly kind to strangers

While it’s always a great idea to be kind to those around you, it’s important to keep your guard up when traveling on your own. Don’t offer up information to strangers, such as the fact that you are by yourself, and don’t be overly kind. Even if you believe the person you just met is an honest and kind person, it’s best to still keep a certain level of apprehension about you. 

5. Don’t travel at night if it can be avoided

No traveler, regardless of whether they are solo or with their family, should travel at night. This includes driving, walking, taking public transportation, or other forms of travel where you could be isolated. More crime occurs in the evening hours when the sun falls, which is why it’s best to avoid traveling in a new area at nighttime. If unavoidable, try to travel with a group that you trust or simply decide to wait until the sun comes back up. 

6. Don’t stay somewhere with no reviews

When deciding on accommodations in a new city that you have no knowledge of, avoid staying somewhere that has no reviews. In almost all cases, the presence of new reviews means that the accommodation is not a large or accredited chain, such as a name-brand hotel. Additionally, while vacation rentals tend to be popular in the United States, avoid using vacation rental apps or platforms you are unfamiliar with when overseas. 

When traveling on your own, it’s important to keep your wits about you. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be making friends on your journey, but it does mean that you should act with caution. Trust your instincts to ensure you have a fun and safe journey. 

The Bottom Line

Going on a solo trip may not be the right choice for everybody, as some people are far more comfortable in a group. However, for those who are inclined, a solo trip can offer a large amount of independence which can foster personal growth. It’s important to stay safe on the journey, though, so be sure to utilize all of the above tips.




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