The Best Nightstands for the Busy Professional

Successful professionals know that you need to keep your most-used items within arm’s reach for maximum productivity. But few people implement this principle at home. Especially for the professional on the go, having a nightstand where you can store everything you need upon rising or retiring for the night in one convenient place. It can cut down on the amount of time it takes to prepare for the day, while also ensuring that your most used and valuable items are stored securely when not in use.

Here are the features of nightstands with drawers busy professionals can get with a discount.

Charging stations

Nightstands with a built-in charging station can be worth their weight in gold. Charging stations can be simple, with an organizer in which you can place your devices with a hole in the back for the cords. If you get this type of nightstand, you should also purchase a cord grommet to prevent tangling. Some nightstands have charging stations that have several USB ports and outlets with a single cord out the back to plug into the wall.

Felt-lined top drawers

If you have jewelry, watches, or charms that you wear every day, a felt-lined drawer is a great feature to look for in your nightstand choices. The felt helps such delicate items from sliding around, tangling, or causing damage. This is also a great place to safely store your eyeglasses or reading glasses.

One or two large drawers

There are many nightstands available that have one larger drawer, or two medium-sized drawers. Many professionals hang most, if not all, of their wardrobe. If that describes you, having a nightstand with one or two drawers will give you a place to stow away your underthings and delicates without the need to add a bulky dresser.

If you can get a nightstand with cedar-lined drawers, you’ll have the added benefit of pest and moisture-free clothing storage for extra throws, sweaters, and keepsake items.

Pull out beverage tray

If you already have a lot of items to put on your nightstand, a beverage tray is a great way to give you temporary added surface space next to the bed. This is a great feature to have if you like to sit in bed with a good book and a cup of hot tea on a rainy day, among other situations. The beverage tray gives you a place to rest your hot or cold drinks where they will be safely out of the way. If you do have a spill, it won’t affect the other items on your nightstand.

Side magazine rack

Whether you choose a nightstand with a built-in magazine rack on the side or you buy a stand alone magazine rack, this is a must-have feature for busy professionals. Most professionals read for enjoyment or enrichment on a nightly basis and having a place to keep all of your important publications, magazines, journals, and other professional reading materials within easy reach of the bed.



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