Taming The Beast: How You Deal With All That Hair

Getting into this topic, in particular, can be a hairy affair (excuse the pun). People have all kinds of opinions on how hair all over the body should be worn. But we should agree on one thing: letting it go untamed is a huge mistake. The walking forest look doesn’t fit many and is unattractive to many more. Whether you want a little more appeal to the ladies, a more professional look, or just a bit of self-confidence, it’s good to get into the habit of taking more care with your hair.

The head

It’s the hair that’s going to affect most of us, so it’s what we’ll tackle first. One of the things that is most important to hair do is the maintenance of it. If you’re willing to spend plenty of money at a barber’s on a regular basis, then go for whatever style you want. If you want something manageable, then you need to wear a style that fits the consistency. The Caesar cut, which you can find more about if you click here, it easily one of the most broadly appealing styles for anyone with straight or wavy hair and is simple to maintain. For those with particularly thick or kinky hair, then a buzz, with just enough length to give it some texture, should be paired with a fade to make the hair better fit your profile. Otherwise, you better get used to taking care of the full volume with the right products.

The face

Beards are still in (for now) so we’re not going to try and convince any of you to shave off the face-fluff. Beards and mustaches can look fantastic, but only if they’re not let to reign freely. Take care to clip them into a manageable shape so you’re not left looking slovenly. You want a beard to feel good, too, for which reason you really should invest in the right kind of beard oils. As well as those that smell good, you want to try those that soak in properly so you’re not left with a greasy feel on your face.

The body

This is a wide topic, that calls for a variety of solutions. We’re not proponents of the hairless look. Especially if you’re on the huskier side, a good level of body hair can add a bit more texture. Just take a pair of clippers to it so you’re not left with any wispy tufts that drag on too long. Go all the way down (being careful) and hydrate after to avoid any irritation. The same goes for pit hair, but with more caution. Try leave it intact as much as possible, especially since you don’t want to be dealing with pits that feel raw for weeks. Just clip the edges of any that pokes out too far. Back hair, however, never flatters. It’s worth the occasional appointment to fully deal with that.

Your mileage will definitely vary with some of the tips we’ve made and, as it’s your body, it’s your choice whether or not you follow them. But we hope we’ve given you some reason to think more closely about how you keep all that hair of yours in check.




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