Make Sure Your Off Roading Trip Goes Without a Hitch

Offroading can be a great weekend activity or pass time. Pillaging through high stacks or snow, roaring over sand dunes or even for getting lost in nature, off roading can be the gateway to a fun packed adventure. Yet, with all types of fun there are certain things you need to bear in mind and think about when taking your car off road to ensure you and your friends or family stay safe.

Choose The Right Car

It’s an obvious piece of advice really. You wouldn’t go off roading in a hatchback, use something sturdy like a Jeep. If you don’t own one, then rent one. Realistically you need something with four wheel drive to get you up and over steep inclines and out of ditches, but it depends on where you’re going. Driving across rugged terrain can be uncomfortable, so you also need to ensure there is enough space in the car for those you’re taking off road. Make sure they aren’t all squished together and have space to move freely. A 4×4 ticks all boxes again.

Take Whether Dependant Equipment

If you’re going into the desert, then take a few jerrycans of water. If you’re going into heavy snow and blizzard ridden mountains then you should be taking cold weather gear like gloves, jackets and tents. Remember, you may not be in your car all the time, and when you leave it you need to be equipped to deal with whatever the weather throws at you. You could break down too, so take enough food to see you through to a rescue. Survival kits are plentiful online, and it can be well worth stocking up with one or two for peace of mind on your journey.

Attach Tools To Dig Out

If you’re in mud, snow or sand then even the best of off road vehicles can get stuck or bogged down. A shovel is a must, and can get you out of most situations. But if you feel you could get stuck often where you’re going consider bringing strips of carpet to add traction to your car’s pull when stuck. It can really get you out of a sticky situation. You can also bring a tow strap. Simply attach it to the front of your car and find a tree or boulder to attach it to and you’re away. You can find more great tools to bring here.

Do Your Research

Know where you’re going, take a map and GPS, and also check up on what’s in the area. The wildlife, the nearest village and weather highs and lows. You should also research the car you intend on taking. Knowing what different noises mean can be the difference in fixing your car or making the issue worst.

Take Spare Petrol

Where you’re going there may not be fuel stations. So take some spare fuel in jerrycans. Make sure you use correct fireproof materials to carry them in. Either plastic or metal authorised canisters. Take a funnel too. You can then refuel as needed. Always take more than you think you need and work out how much fuel it will take to accomplish exactly what it is you want to do.




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