Roja Dove – The Guerlain Perfume Ambassador

Roja´s love for perfume started back when he was a little child and his mother kissed him good night. He noticed that she had a beautiful scent on her. That special scent became an important cornerstone of the unique bond between a mother and her child. And the importance of scents isn’t only important in the bond between a mother and her child, but also crucial to all kinds of relationships between people – it’s one of the first things we notice when someone enters our comfort zone, and it’s something that lasts longer and goes deeper than looks.

It was back then when Roja began experimenting with his mother´s perfumes: What happens when you mix two perfumes? Which scents go well together and what kind of feeling does the result generate? A maître perfumer was born. Roja became the maître perfumer for Guerlain. Since 2004, he’s been creating his own scents under the name of Roja Dove Haute Perfumery.

Roja Perfumes for Women and Men

But Roja hasn’t stuck to perfumes for women. He also creates perfumes for men. The scents go well together, even though each one of them is unique in its composition and intensity. As of now, Dove has created various lines that have one thing in common – they consist of luxury perfumes.

Love for Perfume and a Mission

To Roja Dove, perfume isn´t just his job. It’s not just a business. It’s his profession, his mission. His scents are made to pamper their wearers without any compromise. By composing luxury perfumes, Roja understands to create perfect moments for her or him, who wears them. His scents tell stories.

A Maitre Perfumer Is a Poet

Per se, composing perfumes is a rather chemical and economical process: Which scents smell warm, fresh, woody, sweet or herbaceous? How do you mix them up to address a target group that’s as big as possible in order to generate a good turnover?

Roja follows a different approach, though. He understands himself as an artist, a poet even, who turns mere ingredients into an everlasting composition – as touching as the literary masterpieces of the big poets.

Roja perfumes are an investment in oneself. If you remember the story of how Roja Dove´s love for perfume began when his mother kissed him good night, you’ll realize why his perfumes Parfum de la Nuit 2 and Parum de la Nuit 3 are the most popular Roja scents. But there are different collections that all tell their very individual story.

The Collections

Apart from the classic collections Roja Perfumes for Women and Roja Perfumes for Men, there are the Aoud collection, the Imperial Collection with royal scents, the La Nuit Collection and the Haute Luxe Collection for the ultimate luxurious feeling. Loyal adherents also love the limited editions.

What Is So Special About Roja Perfumes?

Roja´s background is the key to understanding why his perfumes are so special: As, to him, the composition of scents is a mission fueled by love, the result is perfumes as unique as no others.

Love for Details

As the maître perfumer loves experimenting with scents in order to achieve outstanding results, his scents are full of little details: Tiny fragrances so subtle that they can only be identified and defined by a trained nose. Being part of a sophisticated composition, they subtly change the overall scent of a perfume to stand out from run-of-the-mill products.

Quality, Sensuality and Creativity

It’s self-explanatory that Roja doesn’t leave anything up to chance when composing his scents. He attaches utmost importance to the choice of fragrances – the highest quality only. During his creative process, he then creates the most sensual and luxurious perfumes there are. Even though Roja Dove perfumes are possibly some of the most luxurious and expensive perfumes there are, there’s a big customer base. And they say that, once you´ve fallen in love with Roja Dove´s compositions, there is no return to off-the-shelf perfume.




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