Protect Your Property With Well-Maintained Trees

There’s nothing more beautiful than a property that’s surrounded by full-grown trees. They provide a wind block during the gusty winter months and shade during the searing heat of summer. In the spring, it’s a wonder to watch the brand-new leaves unfurl out of the bare branches. Mature trees add a huge amount of value to a property – value that can’t be recreated by the planting of saplings that won’t be fully grown for years to come.

With those trees, however, come a certain amount of responsibility and upkeep. Homeowners have to ensure that all trees near structures on their property are healthy and well-maintained. If not, problems can arise.

Tree Diseases

It’s important to know the signs of a tree that’s becoming diseased or consumed by pests. This can and cause large limbs to fall off. It can also weaken the entire tree, making it more likely that it will fall over during inclement weather. A tree that’s become damaged by pests or disease needs to be removed before it becomes a threat.

Damaged Trees

Sometimes, bad weather strikes and causes damage to perfectly healthy trees. The damage can range from a few cracked and hanging branches to an entire tree that’s leaning, partially uprooted, and unsafe for the people and structures around it. As heartbreaking as it is to lose a healthy tree to an unexpected storm, it would be even worse for it to fall on your house (or your neighbor’s). A professional tree service can safely remove the tree without harming any structures nearby.

Unmaintained Trees

As much as we love a tree’s natural beauty, sometimes that beauty needs to be controlled a bit. This can be the case if trees grow too close to power lines. Homeowners also need to keep tree branches from growing up against the side of their houses, as well as from touching their roofs. This can provide pests easier access to the home. Another common problem caused by unmaintained trees when they grow wild and block the views from a home. This is especially frustrating if the home was built in a specific location for the purpose of taking advantage of breathtaking scenic views. Proper pruning, trimming, and maintenance can ensure that all of these things are kept at bay before coming real problems.

For Tree Problems, Call the Professionals

If you have a tree that’s dying, dangling branches, or in need of a trim to bring your view back, don’t put yourself in danger by trying to DIY. Visit Tree Service Colorado Springs and have the professionals take care of it safely and quickly. This isn’t the kind of thing to mess around with.



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