Why the Process of Turning the Dead into Diamonds is Rising in Popularity

The hardest part of our life is having to deal with loss. As children, the loss of a pet or grandparent is almost the norm, though it is something that isn’t really discussed with children beforehand. It is all too often an impromptu discussion, only done when it actually occurs. As adults, it is more understood but just as devastating. As humans, we find comfort in tangibles that serve as reminders; and we convince ourselves that whatever the item is, the deceased would have wanted that.

Unless we are open to each other, we will never know what is truly wanted when the end comes. Spouses often leave these talks until close to the very end, as talking about death and wishes feels more taboo than it might actually be. Everyone grieves in their own way and we all want something that reminds us of the good times we had with those we shared our life with. Something that is tangible and connected is something that is sought after. It starts the family heirlooms as they are something precious to everyone that was touched by the life we lost.

It may be uncomfortable explaining that we have a pillowcase that never gets washed because it is made from the last article of clothing our loved one wore. It might seem creepy to know that we exclusively use a quilt made from everything we associated to the one we lost. However, it is how some find comfort in the grieving process. This is why things like memorial diamonds are becoming so popular. Other popular items seem to be being placed within fireworks or making lawn ornaments. While the former won’t allow for using memorial diamonds with it, the latter can have a diamond set in it; so that the person always resides with the monument made to house them.

With all the worries that comes with the passing of a loved one, a memorial diamond is something that is truly connected to the deceased, because it is the deceased. When looked at from a pre-death and practical view, it is quite possibly cheaper to be remade into a memorial diamond that it would be to be buried at a cemetery. It practically negates any further worries about having to find the time to go visit these places when the grieving has lessened. It cuts out all the possibilities of being unable to visit because of a relocation. The deceased are always with you when they have been remade into a memorial diamond.

Whether the diamond is uncut and unpolished, made into smaller diamonds for every member of the immediate family members or made as large as possible to be an ornament on some statuesque item, they are always in reach. They are on our fingers or around our necks. They are affixed to the family photo and framed on the mantle. They adorn lawn statues out in the garden where the deceased could almost always be found.

They are small pieces of the one we lost. To those of us who receive a memorial diamond, we feel that we still have the same strong bonds in the palm of our hands.

Remember that there is so much more that will happen after the death of a loved one. There will be wakes and mortuaries to visit. The desire to cremate or bury will arise. There might even be problems associated with finding plots or space in a mausoleum. It just feels better to turn the ashes into memorial diamonds because of reducing the final costs and headaches and making sure there are enough diamonds for each member of the surviving family members.


Bear in mind that turning ashes from a loved one into diamonds almost makes cremation mandatory. However, if your religion prohibits cremation, you can also use the hair of the deceased to make enough diamonds for a large family.

In some cases, you may want to keep the urn with you always or you may consider spreading the ashes over a place that meant something special to your loved one. However, the local laws and restrictions may not be as accepting of that idea. But having a memorial diamond will keep a piece of them with you at all times, no matter what circumstances may ever arise.

It is indeed something special to gift someone a piece of you that will almost always be received in the best possible ways. It is a gift that will most likely come from the heart as well as being a part of the creator and serve as a constant reminder of the love you feel for another person.

It is said that there is nothing more precious than real love in this world. The best physical representation could well be a diamond, because almost everything associated with love is almost always accompanied with diamonds. Making memorial diamonds takes it a step further because of how they are made. They surely have to be the most loved of all diamonds because of the love that goes into making them.

Why not consider making a pre-death memorial diamond for your life’s special occasions? This is one diamond that puts all the words or emotions you can’t truly express as well as everything you may want to express into the palm of someone’s hand. If that is something that feels uncomfortable to you, consider doing it as the intended purpose with a memorial diamond. It is not only a memorial of you, but a testament to everything that you shared with those that were left behind.

Memorial diamonds are one of a few things that brings us more joy than heartache in such a troubled time. The hardest parts of making a memorial diamond is the duration of time that is spent making the diamond itself. But the time spent can be shorter or longer depending on your personal wants.

The time spent growing the diamond is determined by the carat size that is wanted, and then a little extra time for the cutting and polishing. Other factors add to the time, such as the length of time purifying the diamond to change the colour from the common amber hues, to green or blue, to the crystal clear colourless diamond we all recognize.

Finally, another compelling reason why turning the ashes of our loved ones into diamonds is so popular is the simple fact that’s it’s more affordable than the cost of the standard burial. Even if you opt for a cremation and an urn which will hold the ashes, memorial diamonds are still significantly cheaper. And when you add the fact that burial spots are harder to find, the odds are clearly in favour of memorial diamonds.

As you can tell, there are so many things that can be done after a memorial diamond has been created. There are just as many ways to use a memorial diamond before any actual memorials ever have to happen. Memorial diamonds are more than just diamonds, they really are emotions interned into a precious gemstone.



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