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I’ve had my share of dead car batteries over the last decade or so and a few instances where I ended up helping someone get started because their car battery was out of juice. We do have a car battery charger at home but I always wanted one of those portable devices which you simply hook up to a battery and give it a jump. Using cables and attaching two car batteries together has been the common practice for decades and is still a popular method but times are changing and people need to make the switch.

This PowerAll portable power bank is what I always wanted and then it has some extra features I did not really consider. The power bank is very flexible as it’s not only intended for giving a boost to your car battery but it can also charge any of your portable devices that are capable of being charged via a USB port.

PowerAll being used on a Jeep Commander

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The PowerAll comes with adapters for most of the major devices such as phones and tablets. It is capable of charging two devices simultaneously and a full charge of the PowerAll can jump start a vehicle 20 times!! The device has built-in protection features which control the current and prevents your devices from over charging. The PowerAll has a new 12,000 mAH Li-Ion battery has plenty of juice for a long weekend trip to the remote cabin or even a camping trip.

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In the package, you will get a number of tips for charging different phones and of course we can’t forget the Automotive alligator clips for connecting to the car battery. There is even a powerful LED flashlight built-in. Simply push the power button for one-second and the ultra-bright LED flashlight (86 lumens) will come on and shine up to 300 feet. Push the power button once more to put the flashlight in a strobe light mode and you can even have an SOS mode. In the SOS mode, a full charge will get you 120 hours of bright SOS signals.

The entire thing comes in a convenient compact deluxe carry case and can easily be stored away in the glove compartment of your vehicle. The PowerAll Portable Power Bank is available for only $99.90 on Amazon.



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