Planning your Perfect Luxury Holiday: Made Simple

Luxury holidays are most people’s favorite kind of break, as they allow you to relax your mind and body, and the space to recalibrate after a long stint of working hard. While backpacking is scintillating to most young travelers, there comes a time when the more mature and refined holiday makers wish only to enjoy the little extras, fine cuisine, clean crisp sheets, exhilarating fun, and a touch of indulgence.

Luxury holidays can still be expertly crafted to a budget, you just need to know where to look and to act fast – it pays to be prepared, so waste no time in beginning to plan your perfect luxury holiday. Make it simple by avoiding unnecessary stress and disappointment with the help of the following guide.

Where do you want to go?

When you think of luxury holidays, you most probably imagine a beautiful quiet coastline, an endless open expanse of green hills or sea, a decadent fresh seafood platter, and tall glasses of champagne. If this is your love language, then consider the likes of Italy, Greece, and the South of France. If you’re happy to book accommodation yourself, then look for authenticity and places that are going to provide you with the luxury and sumptuousness that you’re keen to indulge in.

Greek villa holidays have tempted those seeking a luxurious Greek holiday year after year, and understand your desire for lunch sampling, traditional tavernas, and enjoying a slower way of life while sauntering through sleeping villages and offering laid back style.

Greece is an obvious choice for those lusting after luxury, but a stay in Cannes, Monaco, and Nice is sure to well and truly tick every one of your boxes.

Choose bespoke

For a truly luxurious and relaxing stay away, you’ll want to trust the experts to tailor-make your holiday for you. This not only relinquishes the worry and work from your plate but allows you to point out what you do and don’t enjoy, and let the holiday take shape around your requests. Remember that travel agents and experts do this every day, and there are many companies set up specifically to deliver luxury holidays to you that unfold without so much as a hint of a hitch.

Of course, booking travel, excursions, and accommodation yourself might, at first, seem exciting, but ultimately, there’s a specialist who knows best, where to look, what’s highly reviewed among other high-end clients, and where is surely going to sweep you off your feet.


This is your holiday, and you’re going to enjoy it in whatever way you see fit; if that means action-packed adventure in expensive cars, yachting, and speed boating, then so be it. If it means relaxing in vineyards, on coastline, and reserving your table at fine dining establishment day after day, then it’s up to you.

You can have both – you can spend your day staying active and taking part in some of the destination’s most sought after excursions, and then sitting back to sip wine and enjoy the spectacular array of colors at sunset. Be sure to communicate your wants and needs to your agent, and if you’re deciding to plan your luxury holiday yourself, be sure to be well-prepared and begin the process of looking and booking early.



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