Pictures Of Funny Roller Coaster Moments

It has officially been summer for a few weeks now and the season of theme parks and carnivals is here. Checking out these local spots is one of my favorite activities during the summer season. Besides the rides, I get to check out the various food, cotton candy, girls, and the screams of horror as roller coasters zoom by above us. But what I really enjoy even more are hilarious pictures that are taken of the passengers. Here is a small collection of perfectly timed photographs of passengers on roller coasters. They range from funny to weird to ….ummm …. awkward.

Funny Asian Guys on Roller Coaster

Funny Fat Guy On Roller Coaster

Hot Girls On Roller Coaster

Funny Roller Coaster Picture

Guy Grabbing Boobs on roller coaster

Old Couple On Roller Coaster

Jay Z on roller coaster

Douche bags on roller coaster

Topless guys on roller coaster

Men behaving badly

Grand Dad On Roller Coaster

Sleeping guys on roller coaster

praying man on roller coaster

funny picture of a couple on roller coaster

Guy Ripping Shirt Off On Roller Coaster

Evil Man Roller Coaster

Scared Black girl on Roller Coaster

More Douche Bags On Roller Coaster

Shirtless Guy on roller coaster

Mens Picture on roller coaster magazine

Bird Hit Roller Coaster

Chess On Roller Coaster

Devil Child On Roller Coaster

Hot Girl Boobs Grabbed On Roller Coaster

Punch Girlfriend On Roller Coaster

Puking Throwing Up Roller Coaster

Blowjob BJ On Roller Coaster

Want more hilarious pictures?  Click here for some Perfectly Timed Photos.

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