A Pissed Off BMW – X9 Concept

Tunisian designer Khalfi Oussama has designed a really pissed off looking BMW concept car/SUV called the X9 Concept.  The car looks very scary and would probably eat your children alive if they were left alone with the car.  The X9 would also make a perfect getaway car for Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

BMW X9 Concept

Khalfi Oussama BMW X9 Concept Side

Khalfi Oussama BMW X9 Concept Back

Pissed Off BMW

Khalfi Oussama Tunisian Designer

Magazine Car BMW

Khalfi Oussama BMW X9 Concept Rear




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  1. I truly love the new look. I saw where some people disprove on other sites, but if I had to choose a car to buy on looks alone this would be it.


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