Picking the Best Mattress to Fit In With Your Home Style

If you are in the process of decorating a bedroom in the home, then it is important that you pay close attention to how you put the bed together. The bed will be one of the biggest pieces in the bedroom, and getting right can really make a statement, and greatly compliment your overall design in the bedroom. One aspect of the bed which you must get right when it comes down to style features, is the mattress, often overlooked but very important, and are some which you should consider.

Small Mattress, Big Bed

The mattress does not always have to fit the bed frame snugly, in fact in picking a smaller mattress to sit on a solid wood bed frame which is larger, can really help you to play with the perception of size in the bedroom. This can work particularly well in smaller bedrooms, where size is so much more important. Make sure that you remember when doing this, that the bed frame itself must be sleek and decorative, to give the right look. In terms of mattress height, a thinner mattress will generally work best. See here to learn in-depth knowledge about bed frame, and it’s adjustability.

Mattresses With Flair

Believe it or not you can find mattresses which have some stylish touches around the edge and at the bottom. Very often these will be colorful touches which can be seen through the bed sheet, or alternatively they can have a bubbled effect which the sheet will fit tightly to, to show off the pattern underneath. The patterns and designs may be subtle, but they can really help to add style to the bedroom.

Chunky or Slim

The first thing to consider when buying a mattress should be health rather than appearance, but that is not to say that substance always trumps style, it doesn’t. Regardless of whether you are looking for a firm or a soft mattress, you can get both types in a variety of sizes. Mattress sizes range from very thin to very chunky and this is something which can impact the general decor of a room. A chunky mattress on a high base could give the impression of closing the space, and not allowing the style of the room to shine through. In contrast, a thin mattress on top of a low base such as a futon, can make the room to spacious, and make the bed appear more like an afterthought. Make sure that you get your sizes and the relationship between mattress and base just right.

Mattress With a Touch of Tech

For a thoroughly modern feel, a mattress which has some technology incorporated can really make a statement. These days you can get beds which automatically recline and elevate into several positions, as well as smart mattresses which can be remotely controlled to alter temperatures, some even automatically make the bed!

Think carefully about which mattress you plan on putting in to your stylish bedroom, as it could make all the difference.



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