Orlando International Airport: What Are the Passenger’s Top Complaints?

Traveling through a major international airport can soon become stressful and challenging when things go wrong. Orlando International Airport is just one of those incredibly busy hubs where your journey plans could quickly be thrown into disarray when things don’t go smoothly.

There are plenty of things you can do to minimize the potential for problems, such as booking an Orlando Airport shuttle service so that you have certainty about your arrival and onward journey.

What do passengers at Orlando complain about the most? Here’s a look at some of the most frequent complaints.

Waiting times are longer than many other airports

Orlando is an incredibly busy airport, and when you arrive at the terminal, it is a sea of humanity with people everywhere. That alone can be stressful, especially if you are trying to find your way around.

The airport website actually tells you to arrive 3 hours early for your flight. The lines for screening can be very long, and you can typically take about an hour to navigate TSA.

One of the top complaints from passengers is how long it takes to get through the check-in and boarding process. Give yourself plenty of time. You have been warned.

It also helps if you use a good shuttle service. They will be able to get you to the correct terminal and nearest point to start your check-in journey.

Not enough seating

When you arrive for your flight so early, you will have some downtime when you want to sit and rest while waiting to be called.

Unfortunately, another frequent complaint about Orlando Airport is that it does not have enough seating for the number of passengers it is receiving.

You might want to see if you can get a pass for a lounge or book a restaurant table so that you can properly rest and relax while waiting around.

You can wait a long time for your bags

Another regular gripe that features consistently on customer feedback notes is how long it can take to be reunited with their bags.

Once you have arrived at the airport, you want to get your bags and continue with your vacation plans as quickly as possible. Sadly, this airport does not have a great reputation for unloading bags quickly and getting them on the carousel in a timely manner.

Bear this in mind when booking transport from the airport, although drivers will be familiar with these delays and may factor them into their arrival to collect you.

Terminal signs feature consistently as a complaint

Confusing signs, or a lack of them at the terminal, can be a real headache when you are not familiar with the layout of the airport.

Passengers consistently complain about poor signage at the airport. Download a map of the airport so that you have a good idea of where to go without having to rely on signs.

It is fair to say that Orlando International Airport has suffered growing pains as the number of passengers has increased. If you know what to expect when you are planning to use this airport, it can prepare you better for the experience.

Do what you can to minimize the risk of disruption or delays by planning ahead. Booking a shuttle is one way of improving your experience of Orlando Airport.




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