10 Intranet Software Features Your Team Will Love for Sure!

Modern workspaces have evolving needs. With a 23% high workplace engagement, having the right strategies and approach for communication and engagement is becoming the key to a productive workspace. 

However, with many options, it can be difficult to pick the right platform that aligns with your team’s needs. Keep an open mind while you discover new intranet software features instead of making a decision right away. This way, there are no compromises with work timelines and discrepancies with what you are looking for. We discuss ten salient features of an intranet system that your team will love.

Features That Make Work Easy For Teams

  1. Easy and effective universal search: Being able to pull up a file, document, or a particular task through a simple search lowers the time spent on searching the intranet manually. This feature also helps locate which stage of the process teams are currently in and a log of progress made. As such, this should be the first on your list when looking to discover new intranet software features.
  2. News and announcements: Having to communicate the same information on multiple platforms is time-consuming and can cause delays in an emergency. To combat this, intranet platforms offer centralized news and announcements corner where all company-related information gets updated, and everyone on board gets a notification almost instantly. 
  3. Social intranet features: A simple thumbs up is a quick and easy way to communicate one’s approval or acknowledgment of a message. A corporate intranet social network ensures tagging, sharing multimedia, commenting, posting using hashtags, and even mentions of other intranet users to speed up the communication cycle. 
  4. Knowledge management and sharing: From training materials to SOPs to guideline booklets, there is a plethora of information that a company stores. Without an adequate robust knowledge management platform, it can get chaotic to keep track of information, and it may pose a challenge when you have to retrieve documents urgently. So, ensure there’s provision for democratized access to efficient knowledge management and sharing. 
  5. Access control: As a team expands, there will be a need to add more layers and permissions to information access. It ensures every job role limited and controlled access to information. This feature also adds data protection, as not everyone can access sensitive information unless they are authorized to do so. These controls also provide a pathway through which information can be shared across the platform. 
  6. Interactive user interfaces: Many organizations train their team members to use the intranet independently. However, this can be time-consuming and require a dedicated person (or even a team) to conduct training sessions thoroughly. On the other hand, an interactive intranet system ensures that the platform is easy to use for different departments. 
  7. Built-in analytics function: This feature allows for data reorganization and structuring to smoothen processes and boost productivity. The analytics can show time spent on the platform, information type accessed, and other specific information such as location and device. 
  8. Seamless integrations: Intranet platforms are meant to empower teams across geographies. Their ability to integrate with other platforms and tools ensures teams are able to work seamlessly without hiccups. 
  9. Security features: As the intranet contains important and vital information, it is incredibly important to have security features that encrypt and protect data. Checking the safety features, licenses, and certifications is highly recommended. Most platforms use cloud storage for quality storage and simple retrieval.
  10.  Brand-specific customization: Intranet platforms are highly customizable, giving organizations the flexibility to add widgets, features, and multimedia. Another customization option is adding your brand’s colors to the platform. This feature familiarizes your dashboard with the company’s persona. 

Parting Words

Intranet platforms can make a workspace more efficient and productive. They are a go-to space for teams to communicate, collaborate, and engage in projects. However, when you are in the process of researching for a versatile platform, pay close attention to discover new intranet software features that align with your company goals and growth objectives. 




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