Not A Fan Of Public Proposals? Consider These Intimate Ways To Pop The Question

Over the years, marriage proposals have become bigger and more outrageous than ever before. Have a quick look at YouTube, and you’ll find a flash mob proposal in Times Square, declarations of love on giant billboards, and one that involves a helicopter and a fake photo shoot, amongst others. Earlier this year, one particular marriage proposal even made headlines as the man commissioned an artist to rework Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” so he could use the film to propose to his girlfriend in the movie theater while they were surrounded by family and friends. Some men may delight in taking things to the next level, as they believe that popping the question should involve a lot of fanfare and spectacle. However, not all women will appreciate a public proposal, so if your lady is shy and doesn’t want attention, why not plan a special proposal that involves just the two of you? It’s a great way to maintain intimacy while popping the question. Consider these intimate ways to propose to the love of your life.

Photo booth proposal

Before planning the special event, make sure to choose the perfect engagement ring for your special someone. If you don’t know what kind of ring to get, take a look at your lady’s jewelry collection or the way she dresses. Knowing her style will help you figure out the right ring metal and diamond cut to suit her tastes. For instance, if she’s more of a classic dresser, then a diamond solitaire set in a gold metal ring will be a good choice. Meanwhile, if she tends to dress in a trendy or fashion-forward way, then a ring with an emerald cut, elongated diamond or stacked diamond rings may be the way to go.

Once you’ve secured the ring, then it’s time to pop the question. For something truly intimate, consider proposing inside an old-school photo booth. As the camera starts to click, pull out the ring and ask her to marry you. Not only will it be a sweet way to propose, but you’ve also got the special moment and her reaction captured on camera. 

Pop the question with a puzzle

If your special lady likes puzzles, why not pop the question with a custom-made puzzle? You can create one that has the words “Will You Marry Me” on it, or have the puzzle custom made on sites such as Shutterfly, Puzzlesprint, or Let your honey piece the puzzle together, and once it’s done, present the ring to her right away.

Hygge-inspired proposal

Hygge, or the Danish way of adding comfort and coziness into your life, is a huge trend nowadays. So why not plan a hygge-inspired proposal at home? This type of proposal is even better if you plan to pop the question during the winter months, but it also works on a rainy day. Build a mini hideaway in the living room using an old blanket, and pad the floor with a warm rug, some cushions and blankets to make your makeshift tent extra cozy. Next, prepare some comfort food, such as a rustic meat and potato pie, a cake and some hot chocolate. Then, get an old book, hollow it out, and place the ring inside it. Later, while you’re spending time eating and relaxing inside the tent, ask your lady to turn to a certain page in the book, and once she sees the ring, ask her to marry you. 

A marriage proposal doesn’t have to involve large crowds, an exorbitant budget, or other gimmicks to be truly special. Consider these intimate marriage proposals to pop the question, and have a romantic moment that both of you will remember for years to come.




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