Must-Read Hilarious Review On A Sex Toy That Made The Product Sell Out

Amid the pandemic, sex life is at risk. Quarantine, social distancing, and the worries of getting infected are reasons why today is not a good time to have sex with anyone. However, Covid-19 should not stop you from having an orgasm. It is good for our brain, a stress reliever, and can cause a positive mindset.

How this is possible was revealed by an anonymous shopper who wrote a review about this trending vibrator. Read on and be ready to get excited about this product.

What Is This Product?

For a woman to get to the climax, she must experience clitoral stimulation, which can be achieved by Tracy’s Dog OG clitoral-sucking vibrator. It almost looks like one of those ear thermometers that doctors are using on children. You will see a nozzle on the top, and it goes over the clitoris glans.

This is the outer part of a woman’s labia. Then it suctions to the clit by moving it using a pattern. The good thing about this sex toy is you will not be distracted by a vibrating sound. It works silently, but it can moan you so well.

How Does It Work?

The goal of this fantastic vibrator is to hit a woman’s G-spot. Let’s admit it, not all men can beat that, and that is why a clit sucking vibrator is a must to have. It works by the combination of suction, air, and vibration. Yes, you read it right! These three combinations can change your usual solo session or even with your partner.

Many reviews from women state that they can already have an orgasm in less than six seconds. Wow! That’s so fast, better than a penis and your fingers, right?

Clit Sucking Vibrator Review

Last year in April, women from the internet went crazy about this hilarious review posted on Amazon by an anonymous woman on a less than $50 vibrator. She wrote in her review, “At least I think that’s what happened because I’m pretty sure I blacked out.”

This woman is talking about her experience when using Tracy’s Dog trending Clitoral Sucking Vibrator. It gained 4.3 over five ratings on Amazon until 2020.

The product promises every woman that this vibrator will never be your usual massager. It is a revolutionary suction technology that you can’t live without. Also, the product offers multiple vibration patterns to reach the most sensitive nerve endings in your genitalia.

The woman started the review by saying, “Having read everyone’s reviews, I had high expectations, but with the price being under 50 dollars, I wasn’t exactly going to be shocked if it was mediocre,” but that’s only the beginning of this amazing review she then continues saying, “A few friends of mine bought it recently, and told me of its power.

I was warned to take the day off, hydrate, and, above all, do some stretches. I thought they were such drama queens.” The waiting game is over; now she already got the package she was waiting the entire week. “Opening the very discreet box, instructions say 2.5-hour charge time. It’s not too bad. I plug this li’l bad boy in.

While the kids are at school waiting for it to charge, killing time reading some erotica my friend and fellow queenie recommended because I don’t have time to screw around waiting to get into ‘the mood,’” the reviewer wrote. “I have to get the kids in a few hours, and I need to be ready to go when this thing is done charging. Tik tok b!tch, tik tok. Welcome to motherhood.”

Now, this time, the woman is trying to test on how fast it can charge. And the product impressed her more when “After only an hour and a half [of charging], solid pink light. Game on.”

Let’s find out what happened next:

“I played with the settings on my hand to test this fine machinery out. The vibration for the G-spot part is quite strong. I was impressed with that even before use,” the review continues. “Next was suction. So many levels; it was interesting to see the different patterns and strengths.

There are 10 levels for clitoral and 10 patterns for G-spot. I’ve never used a clit suction-type stimulator, so I have nothing to compare it to, but I looked forward to it nonetheless. Time to solo party. And that’s it!


There you have it! The most hilarious and trending review by a delighted vibrator user. Many women were blown away because of this review made the product sell out on Amazon, which is now available at

Moreover, Tracy’s Dog is offering 20% off on all items throughout their official website and Amazon for Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday! Get even more excited for their 30% off on Black Friday for 2 days! So grab your item and have the best orgasm in your lifetime.




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