Tired of Fumbling with Your Tools? MagDuo Snaps Them Into Place With Magnets

As men, we take pride in being handy around the house and tackling those DIY projects. But no matter how skilled you are, having to constantly fumble with tools can be a hassle. Dropped screws, misplaced drill bits, and tools slipping out of your pockets – it’s enough to make any DIY task take longer than it should.

That’s why the new MagDuo Magnetic Quick Snap Everyday Tool is a must-have addition to any guy’s toolbox. With its innovative magnetic technology, the MagDuo takes the frustration out of working with small tools and hardware.

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The MagDuo features powerful rare earth magnets embedded into a durable composite handle. This lets you instantly “snap” metal objects like screws, nails, drill bits, hex keys, and more into place. No more chasing those runaway screws across the garage floor or digging around for the right Allen wrench. Just clip your tools and hardware onto the MagDuo for instant access when you need them.

We’ve all been there – pre-drilling holes for those shelf brackets when suddenly the bit falls off your screwdriver and disappears into the dark abyss behind your workbench. Or trying to start a screw on something overhead, only to drop it for the 10th time. With the MagDuo’s magnetic grip, you can say goodbye to those aggravating moments. The strong magnetic hold keeps tools locked in place so you can work faster and more efficiently.

Not only does it organize your tools and small metal parts, but the MagDuo also functions as an extra set of hands. Simply attach a tool like a screwdriver or hex key, then clip on whatever fastener you need driven into place. The magnets hold the hardware steadily in position while your other hand operates the tool. It’s great for getting into tight spots or starting screws in difficult angles. No more trying to balance a screw while lining up your screwdriver.

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The MagDuo simplifies tasks that would otherwise require multiple steps or tools. Putting up curtain rods, assembling furniture, installing fixtures, and more can be done faster without the headache of constantly dropping or searching for hardware. The magnetic grip eliminates the need for clamps, vices, or extra help from another person.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why the MagDuo is a must-have for anyone who does their own home repairs and projects. But it’s not just useful for homeowners and DIYers – tradesmen can benefit from it, too. Contractors, electricians, plumbers, and other pros can use the MagDuo to keep all their bits, drivers, nails, and other fasteners organized and within reach. No more digging through a cluttered toolbelt to find what you need.

The compact size and one-handed operation make the MagDuo convenient for working in tight spaces. HVAC technicians can quickly grab various duct fasteners without fumbling. Mechanics can keep bolts, washers, and screws handy while under a car. The possibilities are endless.

And while the MagDuo excels at organizing small metal objects, it has a few other helpful features too:

  • Built-in LED light – illuminates your work area when extra visibility is needed
  • Magnetic bit holder – standard 1⁄4” hex holds drill and driver bits
  • Bottle opener – pops bottle caps with satisfying ease
  • Flathead screwdriver – integrated into the handle for light prying tasks

The MagDuo is crafted from durable nylon composite that stands up to heavy use. Sleek, ergonomic shaping fits comfortably in your hand. Weighing only 4.6 oz, it won’t weigh down your pocket or tool belt either.


Funding for the MagDuo is currently live on Kickstarter. Backers can pre-order theirs for just 25 – nearly half off the planned 45 retail price. The project has already achieved nearly 300% of its funding goal with over 700 backers. But act fast, as early-bird pricing is limited.

So stop wasting time hunting for lost hardware or juggling tools and fasteners. Back the MagDuo on Kickstarter today and make your next project around the house frustration-free! Your inner handyman will thank you.



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